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Description: The new Online Imagery Data Storage and Release CDI collaboration area will facilitate increased knowledge transfer and collaboration across USGS on development and use of imagery management systems for online storage and delivery of scientific data collected by cameras and other optical sensors.

Points Of Contact: Cian Dawson (, Frank Engel (

To get involved: Join us! Add yourself to the the Imagery Data Microsoft Teams sub channel.

Meetings: Quarterly

Action Item(s): 

  • October 21, 2021, 2:00PM Eastern: Join us for a discussion on imagery data management workflows. (Check the Teams Channel for links)

Example image from streamgage webcam

About the Imagery Data Collab Area

What is the overall purpose? 

The Imagery Data Collaboration area will support and promote knowledge transfer and collaboration across USGS on development and use of imagery management systems to support online storage and delivery of scientific data collected by various types of short- and long-term deployed cameras or other optical sensors. This group will also serve as a stakeholder collaboration space for sharing information and soliciting input on development of a new WMA NWIS Imagery Data Storage System (FY2021–FY2023). 

What is the driving purpose?

Promote sharing of resources, expertise, tools, and opportunities on collecting and serving USGS data imagery online from cameras and other optical sensors to promote internal technology transfer across the typical USGS information silos.

What USGS/Earth Science needs are being addressed?

Rapid and cost-efficient delivery of discoverable, high-quality defensible data

Collaborate with us!

Who should join?

  • Anyone interested in automatically collecting, retrieving, managing, and serving high quality USGS imagery data from long- and short-term deployed cameras or other optical sensors online.
  • Focus will be on low-altitude imagery collection from fixed cameras (for example, a webcam for river or volcano site). However there is overlap in certain aspects with serving imagery from other sources (handheld cameras, aerial and under water drones, planes, satellites, etc.) and this Collaboration Area will encourage synergy and sharing across those platforms.
  • Any CDI members interested in sharing across collaboration spaces on overlapping topics, such as metadata standards and data management.

How best can the membership collaborate?

  • Actively participate in quarterly meetings, including presenting on products, particular challenges/questions, or tools for the community.
  • Contribute to and actively participate in team channel by sharing information about your projects, posting and answering questions, and engaging in discussion.
  • Contribute to creation and maintenance of a list of known related USGS projects and URLs.

How will members benefit from joining this community?

  • Members will gain access to a community of experts, with the intent to rapidly advance USGS imagery data management and imagery processing automation.
  • Members will increase synergy and collaboration on common goals related to imagery applications, reaching across typical USGS information silos (including across Mission Areas).
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