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Attendees: Carol, Ed, John, Linda, Lori, Tom, Heather

Discussion items:

  • Group discussed the possibility of eventually releasing the form as an official USGS publication (no decision at this time)
  • Also discussed how to release the form - seems that electronic will be best way
  • Thought it would be useful to have short bios for all so that we can see what backgrounds folks have and what Mission Area they represent - homework item

Review of remaining notes from interviews:

  • Linda: need to expand on where files are located; have a model/example set up for a project as an example; need to also include how outside collaborators will access data - who will be data contact; not sure what was meant by "field notebooks" - discussed hardcover green/orange books from field work - in her office these books are automatically turned into data librarians and cataloged.

Review of existing IT/Admin surveys:

  • Tom: talked to ITAC (Water) folks, very interested in the survey.  Asked about adding person from their group to WG, also asked if they could review what we've got.  Asked if this was going to eventually be official policy or an unofficial tool.  Discussion: decided not to add any more people to WG - we want to keep the group smaller and focused.  Decided to have ITAC review our form after we've got a solid draft finished.  Reviewed text on ESWG home page that notes that this survey/form will be informal.
  • John: thought it would be useful for admin folks to know what we were doing and to get a feel for their response.  John will follow up to make sure we're transparent about our work and that we're not "stepping on anyone's toes" by doing the survey.  He will talk to Chris B. about this, as she has been working on the 9090 Survey Form.
  • Carol:  discussion of adding new member - would be useful to know who's on the team and what their background and group/Mission Area is.
  • General discussion about PII (personally identifiable information) - we will need to make sure files that contain PII are identified.
  • Ed: his office is smaller, and has no official IT manager/group like others do.  Folks he talked to see this form as a big help.
  • Lori: concerned about physical hardware

Form Discussion:

  • Group started walking through form on Google drive, making edits and comments.
  • Decided the form would be more usable if broken out by project, with each project listing the content below the entry (location of data files, metadata, etc - rest of entries on form).
  • Suggestion that projects be listed by most recent and/or most valuable.
  • Group was asked to add their comments to the Google doc form.
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