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Notes from June 6, 2014 Exit Survey WG:


  • What to do with the the form after it's been completed?  Perhaps include recomendations that the information included in the form be used to update things like metadata records.  For instance, when the form is filled out for a particular person, that person's name should be replaced as the point of contact in metadata records
    • May want to include suggested language on Data Management website regarding how to phrase this if person is not leaving entirely, but staying on as emeritus, etc.?
  • Suggested that BASIS+ be expanded to include some of the fields in the entry form, but may not be an option as there are some challenges in doing tihs
  • Want to include BASIS+ number (if available) when listing project information on Form.  (HSH: done)
  • Suggested that the form include references to Program-specific forms (example: Coastal and Marine Geology Program has FACS (Field Activity Schedules) which contain pertinent information to the exit survey form)
    • Decided to keep the form general in nature - perhaps CMGP can add a blurb to their forms to capture this information?
  • There was a lot of support for making the form less onerous or overwhelming
    • Suggested that this form be made electronic and follow the format of the Metadata Tool (Lisa Zolly); person filling out for will answer series of Yes/No questions and then will only need to fill out information for those questions they answered "yes" to
    • Chris B. suggested that OBIS could help create electronic form
  • There was a suggestion to add graphics/figures to form
    • Will look at Data Management website for some options
  • Suggested that we have a dictionary of terms so that we are all defining terms the same way
    • Decided to hold off on including that - we want to see if the form needs to have terms defined, and if so, which terms those are.  Hopefully the form won't need terms defined.

Action Items:

  • Each person on the WG will take the draft version of the form and interview one or two people. The idea is to test two things:
    1. How well does the form work - flow, wording, number of questions, etc.
    2. What kind of information is collected (to test to see what kind of information we get back)
  • Heather will send out a clean version of the draft for folks to use.  (HSH: Done.)
  • Due date for the interviews: 2 weeks
    • We will discuss results at our next telecon.  I want to talk about the results while things are still fresh in our minds - Heather
  • Suggestion to show form to some upper management to get their feedback and to start drumming up support.
    • Heather will help with this as she's been in contact with some upper management recently as part of the Science Data Coordinator Network
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