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Meeting Notes


  • Tim Kern
  • Scott Horvath
  • Jen Carlino
  • Travis Lawall
  • Megan Hines
  • Derek Masaki
  • Janelle Fry (NWIS)
  • Steve Predmore (San Diego)
  • Ken Dreyer
  • David Coyle (NWIS)

Lorna's Mobile Update Site:

* Goal to get some products released for this field season

* Working with DOI to develop a mobile apps process

* This group will focus on the "Development" part of the workflow, support groups/programs and help get apps available

* If USGS product, then it needs to go through approval process


1) If I am USGS owner, I need to make sure it's delivered through official USGS channel. DOI have worked through many of the TOS for delivering IOS, Apple, Android and Google apps.

2) As an agency, we can deliver mobile apps except for two things: USGS wants to have handle on developer license. You need to sign up as a mobile apps developer. Someone has to approve before it goes to the "store". Need to get a list of initial people that are going to be part of this list. So, requesting people to sign up as developers and make sure their project goes through workflow. The second thing is visual identity: USGS doesn't have a standard for mobile apps/visual.

Scott Horvath - USGS global navigation. For apps and website that are mobile based; replacing the USGS web template as it is known today. Working on visuals now, mock ups not available yet. Once we get to responsive design version, there will be minimal header/footer

Q: timeframe?  A: Working on it now - beta going out May/June timeframe. Applied to to get implemented and troubleshoot with a few other sites. End of summer, it will officially roll out for all sites.

Don't stop any of your efforts and try to address requirements for visual identity, be aware that something is coming that will replace what you've done. So be prepared.

Native (?) apps: approach should be a minimimal as possible. Want to have a quick splash screen with USGS identifier and then flip to application.

Q: Do we need to delay the release based on visID?  A: No. Don't wait, but make sure you're meeting basic requirements (top left corner, links, etc). You will need to replace what you have with new version.

Q: NWIS Web has headers/footers - when decrease width of those kind of details - what is required? A: those links are required but there isn't a standard set for mobile apps. right now, some are putting those links at bottom and that's fine. There is flexibility because there isn't a standard yet.

FAQ App - real estate issue: one option out there, ready to change if better ideas...we migrated some of links at bottom of screen to a single link that gets to those critical USGS, DOI resources as required by current visID standards.  We can share this with anyone.

Example of visID



"Mobile Inventory" link on the website

Want to capture your information on this site, so we can ensure you are in the license,

Native apps - FORT, NPN

Are there others on the call that are getting started on a native app.

Action: Tim will follow up with Janelle to capture an app she mentioned.

David Coyle (work with Janelle) - there is a potential for us. For us, we're sticking with mobile web.

Rob Thieler? They are working on a mobile web.

The framework gives you the tools to decide if the app is the thing you need to be doing. It walks you through steps and helps you determine whether or not to put time and resources on the app. "Ideation" phase. Showed the different elements to consider.

Q: Martin Smith - working on mapping component using ESRI with jQuery mobile. Is there an incentive to look at these as reusable components? (Another person/project was mentioned that I didn't capture)

As part of MAD group that we can share components, reviewed, shared, critiqued. Want to set up a space to make sure their source is organized in an area that is available to us and external cooperators...for leveraging. Have you guys share that and lead a discussion on lessons learned about ESRI and jQuery.  How far along are you guys?

About 50% - we have a working prototype, hope to complete around May/June timeframe.  We have our own source repository.

When you are ready to share - we can have a space set up (Ken is the lead). Ken - yes. Working with GitHub. Need to have an automated process in place.

Action: David/Ken work together to learn how to do that process. That way everyone can get up to speed on how we can get source code out to different groups. Maybe a month from now for training?

When we schedule our next call - we can focus on business process and allow folks to sit on for backend technical side and we can invite more of the Tech Stack folks as well.  Ken host 30 minute session at next call.

Next topic:

  • Rob Thieler - iPlover
  • NWIS Web
  • Field Mobile Apps - Travis Lawall

Some in inventory are just ideas and don't have funding yet.

San Diego group - using Pendragon to capture species in field. Multitaxa Database...

Action: Tim follow up with Steve. Donn Holmes is the database manager

NAS? Craig Conzelmann's group - mobile web app

Fish Passage Barrier Project - active group that may pick it up.

- maybe identify some new projects emerging?

Others that have come across:

  • BioData - might be a good place to follow out ideation phase. maybe a collaborative project as part of the CDI community
  • Derek - willing to share some of the spinoff app/projects off BISON Biodiversity Information Serving our Nation. Interest in mobile element...

Call Scheduling: