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Development Support


  • research preliminary checklist/approved proposal/funding
    • scope of work/abstract
    • timeline
    • platform definition/target
    • policy items that they believe will apply (high level policy review)
    • suggested Science Reviewer (if applicable)
  • IPDS stub


  • Project Manager (PM)

  • Tech Lead
  • Developer(s)



  • Development Group Checklist



Added Effort


Verify correct resources available (staff, test harnesses, …)

Tech Lead

None (standard practice)


TOS Verification for 3rd party components

Project Manager

Checking list is no extra time; could add significant extra time to an effort if new TOS approval needed*

Need list of approved TOS and bad TOS; also need workflow to submit new components for TOS approval

General policy review

Project Manager

High level done during ideation, detailed review will be simultaneous with development

Need simplified policy wizard

Generate and Expose Project Page (includes background research) – this is tech details and not fluff

PM, Tech Lead, and Developers

Up to one week of documentation, but this documentation will feed into the later review and pub process

Need project template page that triggers an email to the MAD community

Engage Community (MAD)

PM, Tech Lead, and Developers



Identify project code repository and version control system

Tech Lead

None (standard practice)

Part of Project Page template (Gitorius as default, leave working code repository to dev group)

Identify software issue tracking project that the community can review

Tech Lead

None (standard practice)

Part of Project Page template (JIRA is default, leave issue tracking system to dev group)

Review VisID

Tech Lead

None (standard practice)

Best Practices Site – suggest that the MAD community develop a default standard and design icons

Review 508 Compliance

Tech Lead

None (standard practice)

Best Practices Site – need mobile 508 guidelines

Review PII Compliance

Tech Lead

None (standard practice)

Best Practices Site

Review Security Compliance

Tech Lead

None (standard practice)

Best Practice Site -- recommended practices (what permissions are appropriate to ask for on a device, data capture and persistence)

Define app expiration date

Tech Lead/Dev

None (standard practice)

Best Practice Site

Review whether any licenses are needed (upload of images from the public, other media constraints)


Part of General Policy Review

Need guidance on when licenses are necessary and what licenses are available

Review available tool and rating list

PM and Tech Lead

None (standard practice)

Best Practice Site

Have you had the approach reviewed by a domain specialist (scientific approach)PMNone (standard practice) 

  • On-going Science Review – No extra time, standard practice
  • App development – Best Practices Site will have recommended and available tools
  • Bug, usability, and behavior test – No extra time (standard practice); should be in Best Practice Doc.
  • Develop publication ready content – Up to two weeks of PM and Tech Lead time
  • Develop presentation to MAD/Community – Up to 2 days of PM and Tech Lead time


Total Overhead Added = up to 4 weeks, assuming TOS handled


PM will pass on to Cost Center Chief the Publication Package that has:

  • Repository reference (where is the code)
  • Reference to Project Page
  • Publication ready description of project and tech details as (at a minimum) a Fact Sheet
  • Basic metadata (enough for pub)
  • Compiled version(s) of app


Open Questions

  • Can a developer use a 3rd party component while waiting for TOS approval?
  • Who is going to take responsibility for expediting TOS approvals?
  • Who is going to verify expiration date?
  • How do we verify security/best practice compliance?
  • Who is going to steward Best Practices Site, TOS Site and Workflow, Project Page Template, Policy Wizard, and License Site?
  • Will the Community be allowed to develop VisID as a part of the Best Practices Site?