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July 20th Retrospective

Rich walked through a use case in ipy notebook. Suggested that we insert the pyGDP requests into that workflow.

  • Rich will get that workflow to CIDA

CIDA walked through the change of plans around shapefile upload vs shapefile gml conversion

  • CIDA will finish the shapefile workflow, cleanup the example script, comment up the script. 

July 6th Retrospective

Xao demoed his progress on a Python API for the GDP.
Dave explained options for submitting feature geometry
Dave asked for input on what format should be returned.

Plan is to distribute the existing API with a simple script to show how to invoke it.

Plan for shapefile conversion is to have one function with a GDAL/OGR dependancy and one with an ArcPy dependancy that do the same thing. We will write out a gml simple features document that matches a very simple 1:1 feature to id pattern so the schema is the same regardless of the features being represented.

Plan for output formatting is to put it in a simple Numpy/Python list format and run it by the user group for comment.

Kickoff: June 1st, 2012


  • Introductions (All)
  • Project Goals (Dave B.)
  • Initial Python Function Implementation (Xao)
  • Discussion of needs from each user's perspective. (All)
  • Develop rough long term plan (2-3 months)
  • Develop goals for 2 week iteration.

1) As a geospatial analyst, I would like to be able to use the GDP to derive time series for polygons in my local ArcGIS environment so I can do time-dependent analyses and visualizations.

2) As a VisTrails user, I would like to be able to get geospatial and climate data from GDP web processing services so I don't have to manage data locally or spend time doing data management tasks.

3) As a user of the GDP from a third party application, I need a way to find datasets and verify that they should be compatible with GDP processing algorithms so I can submit web processing requests that work.

4) As a user of the GDP from a third party application, I need to receive a metadata record describing the dataset returned from the GDP including provenance/process metadata so I can keep track of the datasets I've received and be able to reproduce my results.

One and two have a lot of overlap.

Three and four should be treated as secondary, get as much done as possible.

People should be offered a static catalog and the opportunity to specify a dataset.

Need a service to say if a dataset is compliant/will work in the GDP processes.

Will need a catalog service python method. May be a hardcoded list or a remote call.

Idea to write the "release notes" that we want to be able to write at the end of the project.

How to define the inputs to the GDP?

- A function with a bunch of inputs or a method.

- From a UI, would expect to pass a reference to a file and to pick the parameters from a pick list.

- From command line, want to set the value of the input parameters in a python object.

What does the output look like?

Inserting functionality into ArcGIS: Python source for functionality - Set parameters in a GUI (set using python code at 10.1) - Can provide validation code that runs when parameters are entered or for OK to be available.

- Want to avoid special python installations.

VisTrails: Could use one big function with a lot of intputs - might look at making several functions that give you the UI options (utility functions) as a pipeline in the vistrails paradigm.

- SAHM team wants to replace local files with remote data calls to big services.

Long term goals:

Feature Weighted Grid Statistics Algorithm

Help implementing WCS in vistrails and feedback to ESRI

Simple catalog to deliver authoritative datasets

Utility functions ported to python for use in ArcGIS and Vistrails

Utility function to verify that a dataset will work or not.

Two Week Goal:

ArcGIS mockup of functions. Maybe VisTrails.

Command line input to a python "execute" object.

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