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The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) protects and manages the natural resources and cultural heritage of the United States, provides information about those resources, and honors trust responsibilities or special commitments to American Indian, Alaska Native, and Insular and affiliated island communities. Significant numbers of people live, work, go to school, or recreate on lands managed or administered by the DOI.

Because of these responsibilities, the DOI Office of Emergency Management began a collaboration with the USGS called the Strategic Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment on Department of the Interior Resources (SHIRA) Project to understand the risks posed by various hazards to its lands, facilities, people, revenues, and resources. Geospatial tools and data analytics are being used to identify variations in exposure to a wide array of hazards.

Key SHIRA deliverables include data analytics, web services, a web-based mapping application, a relative threat matrix, and a data dashboard. Products will provide insights that support DOI officials’ needs to make strategic decisions about how to mitigate risk, respond to incidents, allocate resources, and develop plans.

Science Support Framework Category: Science Project Support

Author(s): Nathan Wood (, Jeanne Jones (, Jason Sherba (, Kevin Henry (,Peter Ng (, – USGS Western Geographic Science Center

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