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Aquatic Biological Habitat Use Case

This use case is based on the use case methodology presented by Peter Fox at the workshop held in Wood's Hole in September.  The document is evolving and hopefully the project will soon be on it's way.  Posted is the draft use case document. 

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Microsoft Word 97 Document UseCaseAquaticBiologicalHabitat_10-19-2011.doc Oct 18, 2011 by Gordon, Janice


  1. Unknown User (

    Just my 2 cents: Leverage concepts of the semantic web (perhaps using a semantic wiki) to create a monitoring protocol database. Monitoring protocols have structure but not enough to fit into an RDBMS properly. On the other head, treating monitoring protocols as text documents and indexing via search engines cannot capture the structural elements of a protocol. Perhaps look into SensorPedia -- this site is focused on leveraging web 2.0 principals for building a network of sensors (a field where protocols are still not standardized).

    1. I'm out in left field. Could you tell me more about what you mean by a monitoring protocol database? If we had one, what would somebody use it for?

      1. Unknown User (

        Hi Fan sorry for the late response. I didn't put a watch on this page. An example of a Monitoring Protocol database would be something like (this link will most likely go down by Feb 2012 btw). This is a catalog of links that provide an entryway to protocols, but does not provide capability to store or mine the protocols themselves. I'm coming from an IT background, so I may be wrong. But I'm assuming if it's important to build a catalog of protocols, then it perhaps would be useful to the community that uses the protocols to have the actual protocols mined/stored at the same place as well? This would make it easy to browse what other people are doing, perhaps help leverage resources?

        Based on this protocol guideline published by NPS, both USGS and NPS are adopting guidelines for developing long term monitoring protocols. (If I'm understanding it correctly) given that the protocols follow standard guidelines but are textual/narrative in nature, these would be more suited for being stored as XML rather than RDBMS. Then given standard use of vocabulary, perhaps can be mined via semantic indexing technologies (e.g., At the very least these could be set up on a standard platform like a wiki (like SensorPedia) and with the help of semantic extensions, could incorporate object-property relationships into the text of the protocol that allows extraction of information via query languages (one example of such platform:

        Just some ideas. I've not mucked with semantic indexing for ages. I like semantic wikis though.

        1. Unknown User (

          Ooops I meant Fran!