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Monthly Group Meeting Information

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WebEx: CDI SCSDWG Monthly
There are no scheduled meetings currently planned for the Monthly SCSDWG or any of it's sub teams. Please feel free to reach out to the email groups or the work group lead, Cassandra Ladino ( with any questions.


The CDI Science Center Strategy Development work group is focused on producing two deliverables that meet current policy requirements by Oct. 1, 2016.

1) Science Center Data Management Strategy Template

2) DMP Template

The group will work on the principles of providing a core adoptable approach to managing new data requirements and reducing burden on staff and operational redundancy.  Over the next several months the team will write, review, and revise the Strategy and think through the workflow and look and feel of an electronic version of the DMP template, documents initially developed by the Southeast Region Data Management work group.  The team will also report progress and solicit advice from the larger CDI Data Management Work Group monthly.  After the primary charge to deliver products by Oct. 1, 2016 the group may continue to work in a more exploratory fashion to improve workflows and products as policy and techincal capabilities evolve. 


This group evolved out of localized effort by Science Centers in the Southeast Region with the initial mission of...

The development of a Community of Practice for data management in the Southeast will serve as a shared body of knowledge for all aspects of the data lifecycle. This group aims to create and lead a community of practice and facilitate access to tools and technical expertise needed by science centers to implement data lifecycle management. Resources will be provided on documenting data (metadata), contributing data to appropriate online repositories for long-term preservation, and preparing data management plans for research proposals.

In December 2015, the Southeast Region Data Management work group convened for 2 days to develop two documents that would serve to create a consistent approach to Data Management and to meet the requirement for Data Management Plans.  The results were a Science Center Data Management Strategy and DMP template.  These documents served as conceptual documents, but needed to be vetted against a larger audience.  After receiving initial reviews and investigating others with in the USGS doing similar activities, it was decided that the work group's activities should transition into a CDI work group to improve communication and learning, visibility of activities, and out-reach to others doing similar activities.  The first meeting as the CDI Science Center Strategy Development work group was held on April 20th, 2016. 



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Lead: Cassandra Ladino

Josip Adams
Tara Bell
Nicole Bogeajis
Janelda Biagas
Michael Bradley
Thomas Burley
Matthew Cannister
Joseph Carroll
Craig Conzelmann
Sofia Dabrowski
Mike Frame
Kim Haag
Stephen Harden
Jessica Hopple
Michaela Johnson
Madison Langseth
Fran Lightsom
John Nelson
Edward Olexa
Heather Schreppel

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SCSDWG Meeting Notes

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