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David Blodgett, Tim Kern


Project Topic


Resources Required

Major Outcomes

Total Funding Needed

ScienceBase - Geo Data Portal Integration face to face work support, training, and outreach.

Sciencebase and Geo Data Portal development and management teams meet face to face for planning and code sprints.

Sciencebase and Geo Data Portal representatives prepare and present training.

Usability testing with USGS scientists from numerous science mission areas.

Travel funds for face to face meetings and training.

Roughly ten three-day person trips

Efficient and effective development of ScienceBase features that leverage the data integration framework and tools developed for the Geo Data Portal project.

Greater awareness of the ScinceBase system and Geo Data Portal tools and what they can do for science teams around the bureau.

Input from usability testing to feed back into the projects for improvement according to the needs of real users.

Travel funds for:
- 2 CIDA Staff to Fort for 3 days
- 2 Fort Staff to CIDA for 3 days
- 3 trips for 1 Fort and 1 CIDA staff to TBD USGS offices. (maybe Reston, Denver, and Menlo Park?)


Additional Criteria

Benefit to FSP/Scientists/Mission Areas

Helps raise awareness and trains scientists to use the ScienceBase-Geo Data Portal integrated system. These scientists are not associated with already funding projects (NCCWSC) and would not find out about this system without CDI funded training.

In kind funding and work leveraged

Substantial development of both ScienceBase and the Geo Data Portal systems.

Already a data integration framework and trajectory.

Interested user community that needs the capability for visualization, access, and hosting of large complex datasets.

Interaction with DMWG

Supply user stories to the DMWG. Collected during face-to-face training sessions

Will monitor and track with DMWG best practices and other guidance.

Deliverable and its Measurable Benefit

USGS science workforce trained to use and promote ScienceBase and Geo Data Portal system. Will further data preservation and discovery through the use of these systems.

Face to face meetings will enhance understanding of each others systems, collaboration-efficiency between the two development teams, and speed the product to completion. (Code sprints!)

Methodology (process)

Agile development (two week iterations)

Face to face planning, code sprints, and paired programing.

Group (laptop-based) training sessions at major USGS hubs, webex, and recording.


Direct CIDA (Water)/CSI (CSS) collaboration on data integration strategy and technologies.

Inclusion of scientists from multiple science mission areas will promote interdisciplinary science strategy goal.

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