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This month, Ian Ferguson of the Bureau of Reclamation illustrates the use of prize competitions to solve scientists' challenges!

Do you have a field data collection app that does everything that you want it to? There are many apps out there, but a flexible application framework that could be customized for different data types and sensors is elusive.

Help to define the requirements of a mobile app framework for field data collection by completing this questionnaire!

(Questionnaire is now closed.)

All slides (pdf).

Link to Reclamation DataApp page | Download Briefing Paper | Download Poster


  1. Thanks to everyone who submitted some responses to the questionnaire linked above!

    This is a note that the Challenge will be released soon (I'll try to remember to link it here), and the project team is looking for people that would be interested in judging submissions. 

    The judges will review submissions that come into the Innocentive / platforms and select prize winners based on the evaluation criteria that will be laid out in the description. 

    Currently, the desired characteristics of judges are: Federal employee, and with more of a technical / computer science / programming background. 

    The judging period will likely be a few months from now.

    You can get in contact with me if you'd like more information -


  2. This challenge is now posted! Let me know if you have any questions!

    The Data Collection App Challenge has been posted on the InnoCentive website at As an Ideation Challenge it will post until 06-Jul-2017.