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For the June 2017 edition of the Scientist’s Challenge, we’re taking a few of the questions that came up at the CDI Workshop that we didn’t get to address at the workshop. We used an app called that captured questions and comments throughout the event and allowed other participants to view and up-vote.

This is our first edition of “From the archives.” You can check out the other questions on the wiki and make a comment (or email if there’s a particular issue you want to discuss further with the community.


First - for those tweeters out there:

Q: Are these USGS talks approved for public release? If not, could CDI summarize social media & ethics policies for people live tweeting internal USGS discussions?

A: The best policy we’ve seen so far is the DOI social media policy:


Second - if you didn’t make it through the Denver spring snow storm for the 7:30am start time for Breakfast with Bill:

Q: Online folks are interested in answers from other sessions (e.g., Breakfast w Bill). How will these be shared?

A: This session was not recorded, but we posted raw notes up on our meeting presentation and notes site. (You need to be logged in to see the link.)


Finally - two queries we’d like your feedback on:

Q: USGS Python and GIS listservs were mentioned during the plenary session yesterday - is anyone in the comments able to give me assistance in accessing these?

A: Please post in the comments or speak up on the call if you have an answer to this.

Q: Has there been any discussion of creating a multi-beam community?  So many centers have them, it seems like a valuable resource for the USGS to stand up. 

Let’s hear from you - do you collect or use multi-beam data? Would you be interested in a multi-beam community? What topics do you think need to be addressed? Are you interested in learning more about what multibeam is? Place your comments below or email


  1. During the June Monthly Meeting, David shared a link for a GIS Listserve:

  2. At the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC), we use a multibeam for inland rivers. We would be interested in participating in a multibeam community!

    Another good location to advertise a working group would be