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CDI Conference Call, July 23, 2009

Notes by Scott McEwen

Reston attendees:  Kevin Gallagher, Linda Gundersen, Richard Huffine, Karen Kretlow, Stan Smith, Bob Matthias, Tom Gunther, Karen Klima, Sonny Bhagowalia (Guest, DOI CIO)

WebEX attendees:  Brian Reece, Bruce Jones, Callie Oblinger, Dave Ferderer, Dave Greenlee, Fran Lightsom, Gladys Cotter, Jacque Fahsholtz, JC Nelson, Jerry McFaul, Kate Kase, Len Gaydos, Linda Leake, Marty Goldhaber, Mike McHale, Rex Sanders, Sky Bristol, Steve Tessler, Scott McEwen

Opening Remarks - Linda Gundersen

  1. Linda has updated the CDI Charter, incorporating feedback received to-date.  Linda welcomes additional feedback through July 31, 2009.
  2. A new CDI team (Demonstration Project Team) is being formed to develop a Web service enabling scientists to more easily discover data in MRdata, NWIS, and NAWQA and then retrieve those data, convert them appropriately, and import them into analytical tools and models. 
  3. Another CDI team (Metadata Team) is being formed to write a white-paper to frame USGS metadata issues and propose solutions.

Opening Remarks - Kevin Gallagher

  1. The CDI Program Planning Team has been formed.  Agenda building is underway for the upcoming CDI face-to-face meeting in Denver.  Be sure to register availability for the three possible date options.
  2. USGS will begin developing policy regarding  Will need to communicate policy and process.

Wiki Tutorial - Scott McEwen

  • Demonstrated navigating to and around in the CDI community wiki; adding comments to a wiki page; and, adding/changing/replacing content on a wiki page.
  • Reference Community Tips.
  • Bookmark in your Web browser to expedite access to the CDI Wiki.

Presentation - Brian Reece

  • Utilizing Data Management and Advanced Technology to Improve Scientific Efficiency

Presentation - Sonny Bhagowalia

Presentation - Karen Klima

  • Forming a team to developing a workflow model for USGS to address the processes for nominating, approving, releasing, and publishing (at metadata records about USGS data sets.

Denver Face-to-Face Meeting and Draft Agenda

Input to proposed agenda from CDI Conferenc Call on July 23 regarding "planning-orientation:  develop a strategy and then implement" vs "action-orientation:  launch one or more pilot projects":

  • Marty, Mike, Bruce, and Len all endorsed a strong desire for the CDI to launch one or more modest, scalable demonstration projects-based on scientist input-that will "bring data to the desktop."  The vocal majority desires for the CDI to deliver meaningful near-term results that directly address real needs of scientists.  The CDI face2face should facilitate this desire, to set work into motion.
  • Stan pointed out the need to 1) document CDI's consensus on vision/end-point; 2) develop a strategy to reach that vision/end-point; 3) develop action plans and time line to implement the strategy; 4) and then begin implementation.  Perhaps the CDI should focus on developing the broad vision/strategy and form subteams to plan and implement specific actions.  Linda concurred, cautioning that our efforts should be foundational, not piece-meal.
  • Create a time line for the CDI.
  • Schedule a few scientist presentations to share use cases of actual data integration needs for forthcoming large programs.  Perhaps two or more of these programs share a common need that the CDI can address in a data integration demonstration project.
    • Climate Effects Network - Pete Murdock and Mike McHale
    • National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center - Mark Sogge, Acting Science Center Director
    • Assessment of alternative energy development in the Southwest (USGS and BLM), site integration
    • Mercury Project (suggested by Tom Gunther)
    • Marty Goldhaber - Present experiences with extract/transform/load and data integration ...
  • Other presentation ideas included:
    • Tom Chatfield (BLM), Spatial Data Management, Enterprise Geospatial Information Management (suggested by Bob Matthias)
    • Peter Schweitzer (suggested by Tom Gunther)
    • Rich Signell (one of our CDI people) can give an excellent talk about the data integration he is doing with GoMODP and IOOS (suggested by Fran Lightsom)

Closing Remarks - Kevin Gallagher

Kevin challenged the CDI to ponder:  What is the CDI's message to the new USGS Director (Marcia McNutt, pending)? E.g., What might we do to address her expectations? What are out expectations of her? What shall we share about our accomplishments and plans?

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