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Meeting Recordings

Some meetings are recorded, and are available to CDI Members. Please log in to view the recording in the table below. If you would like to become a member of CDI, email

DateTopic and Speaker
2019 October 24

Software Release and Inventories, Eric Martinez

CDI Statements of Interest related to Software - Aaron Fox and Steve Fick

2019 February 28Cloud and Big Data in the Cloud, Cassandra Ladino and Group Discussion
2018 October 25Migrating projects from other git repositories to, Eric Martinez and Group Discussion
2018 August 30

Git, a deeper dive, George Rolston

2018 July 26

Git Primer, including Git Fork and Feature Branch Workflow, Carl Schroedl 

2018 May 31

Software Licensing Aspects, Leon Foks

2018 April 26Improving the development experience on Windows using HyperV and the Windows Subsystem for Linux, Scott Lewein

2018 March 29

USGS EDGE (Equipment Development Grade Evaluation) : What is it, how does it apply to you, and why you may be interested in participating. Chris Johnson

2018 February 22

508 Compliance for websites/web applications: Challenges and Approaches, Rob Miller

2018 January 28

Summary of USGS HPC/HTC Workshop, USGS EDGE (Equipment and Development Grade Evaluation) program, Michelle Guy

2017 November 30

Discussion of goals and future topics for the Software Development Cluster

2017 November 02

Gitlab discussion, Eric Martinez

2017 September 28

Inaugural meeting for the Software Development Cluster

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