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Software release question/answer session.
Software is increasingly recognized as a crucial step in the data and scientific process. Recently the official management and release process has been updated though concrete answers and resources may yet seem difficult to come by. In this session, a panel of USGS experts will field questions related to the policy and provide practical guidance tailored to your specific situation. Come with questions, use-cases, or scenarios and get your questions answered.

Science Support Framework Category: Science Data Lifecycle - Publishing/Sharing


  • Eric Martinez ( - USGS Geologic Hazards Science Center
  • Cassandra Ladino (ccladino@usgs.gv) - Office of Enterprise Information
  • Laura DeCicco ( - Integrated Information Dissemination Division, Data Science Branch

Notes Document:


  1. This could be part of a larger track focused on software management!

  2. Looking forward to this one.  My group needs a better understanding of the process.