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Webex Recording

  • Mobile Applications Development: work and new sub-group(length:20 mins) 
    • Burl Goree
    • Abstract:
  • myUSGS Confluence Demo
    • Tim Kern
    • Draft outline
      1. CSS/CSI Confluence Instance Background (what is it for, how do I get to it, ...)
      2. Current Access (authentication and authorization)
        • Use of Crowd
      3. Functional Differences between Confluence and MyUSGS/Alfresco, MyUSGS Wiki, USGS Drupal, and USGS SharePoint (others? Etherpad seems to fit a separate niche, so I did not include it here)
        • Current Features
        • Customizations
      4. Ties To Other Projects (is this just another silo?)
      5. Long Term Support (will this still be around in a year? is it going to cost me anything? ...)