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  • Peter Schweitzer - Metadata and web services for geoscientific data
    • Types and sources of metadata in MRData system
    • Interfaces through which those metadata are made visible
    • Potential for participating in distributed catalog services?
  • Discuss/review/react to GeoPortal presentation, compare with GeoNetwork, Gi-Cat (20+minutes)
    • Does choice of initial CSW system put you in a stovepipe?
    • Is migration across systems expensive?
    • Can we set up some kind of test/experiment? What would such an experiment entail?
    • How soon will GeoPortal support WMS and other OGC specs (what are these other specs)?
    • Can you harvest metadata from a WCS (seems to be the case).
    • White's presentation recorded at url
  • myUSGS Confluence Migration Update (postponed) 
    • Tim Kern or Si Peterson
    • Proposed action:  Bring on a Confluence Administrator to focus on TSWG community migration and support. Volunteers?
    • clarification on whether Confluence is in "testing" or "production"?
    • might be good to get some big picture trends/politics (e.g. how does this relate to SharePoint? Is there a way to move, link, or share content across these systems?)
    • Sky's blog-post on this stuff would be helpful to reference .