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Webex Recording

  • Quick report on Mobile Apps Development (MAD) sub-group kick-off (5 minutes)
  • myUSGS Confluence Migration Update (30 minutes) 
    • Tim Kern or Si Peterson
    • Proposed action:  Bring on a Confluence Administrator to focus on TSWG community migration and support. Volunteers?
    • clarification on whether Confluence is in "testing" or "production"?
    • might be good to get some big picture trends/politics (e.g. how does this relate to SharePoint? Is there a way to move, link, or share content across these systems?)
    • Sky's blog-post on this stuff would be helpful to reference .
  • Compare/contrast with Sharepoint
    • possible for shared back-end data storage?
  • Ask about Scientific Computing & Analysis sub-group interest
    • R class in June
    • Python stuff
    • code development stuff: SVN, IDEs, JIRA
  • Job board idea
  • Announce NRCS data services wish-list sub-group
  • ArcGIS Server on Cloud ("Cloud GIS sub-group"?) (5 minutes)
    • advertise effort, designate forum/sub-group
    • current players: FGDC, Paul Wiese/John Guthrie, Wim group (Gary Latzke, et al.), CIDA (Dave Blodgett, et al.)
    • state relationship to FGDC effort, different kinds of configurations
  • Ideas for Funded Projects for CDI (15 minutes)
    • online doc/webinars or training material
      • R stats class
      • Using Version Control Systems (like SVN) material
    • Development of Catalog Services for MRDATA
    • ???