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October 19, 2011

Webex Recording of the meeting

Go here to get the webex recording player

Proposed Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Steve Richards will present ongoing work happening at the US Geoscience Information Network and give an overview of the USGIN Lab wiki.
  • Short discussion of how CDI should interact/contribute/consume their documentation. (didn't happen)
  • Review FY12 proposals and hold a short discussion. (didn't happen)

Topics Covered

10-19-11 TSWG Meeting Presenters: Steve Richards and Ryan Clark, USGIN
David Blodgett
Scott McEwen
Abby Benson
Cassandra Ladino
Stephen Richard (and company)
Roland Viger
Jessica Lucido
Rich Signell
Farial Shahnaz
Ryan Clark
Doug Nebert

Geo Science Information Network: Making Geological Survey Data more Accessible

Background, What is USGIN?, Data services, discovery (Metadata content and catalog services)
Concieved in 2007 AAGS and USGS

Purpose: Make data available via standard services in a distributed network.
Catalog, find - services, get - clients, use using FOSS where possible.

Specifications and standards define the network.

Data interchange format can be thought of as a Shapefile for XML
Specifications in use (production):

  • GMLSF - a restricted subset of GML for points lines and polygons.
  • Metadata content and encoding (ISO profile).
  • Some others emerging.. (discussed below)

"adopting" interchange formats/specifications in a community process.

Simple Features Demos, ArcGIS and Excel

  • Starts at
  • USGIN products section shows GMLSF interchange formats.
  • - where the templates are
  • GMLSF formats already work with numerous client software libraries, ArcGIS, QGIS, etc.
  • ArcCatalog Demo to Access WFS:
    1. Create Connection in ArcCatalog
    2. Add Interoperability Connection
    3. Rename Connection (useless name otherwise)
    4. ArcCatalog will index features
    5. creates a interoperability connection
    6. Add Data
    7. Interoperability Connections
    8. Connect to feature service of interest
  • Demo in Excel: Excel has a get data from the Web ability (ignore error msgs), must submit a full WFS request. (Doesn't work in Mac Excel, but does work in Open Office)
  • Most WFS services are hosted using ArcGIS server.
  • Geoserver will handle more complex (multinamespaced) WFS services.

Talk about linked data use in GMLSF attribute values. Dereferenced url returns further information or another service call.

Demo of django based url rewrite rules:

Give a regex uri expression that maps to a database redirect. Gets around writing apache config files.

Showed a CSW client in ArcGIS

outline difficulties they have encountered. (only looks for WMS) (need to get CSW url for MRData content put it here)

Move along to USGIN community web site.

  • Community section is a place for discussion and collaboration.
  • Would like to reduce the number of community sites or maybe combine somehow

What about discovery?

  • Built a drupal module that outputs several formats of xml metadata based on an abstract metadata model.
  • Have a Document Repository (directory and repository???) and a Metadata Wizard (registry only)

Using GeoPortal to catalog and provide centralized search. Not editing metadata with GeoPortal.

Created software to write ISO XML from a table (excel/csv?).

Discussion of geonetwork vs. geoportal. Steve is still tracking both.

Ryan Clark gives demo of some metadata related tools:

  • Wrote a python module to define arbitrary rules about xml.
  • Some simple xpath based and other rules.
  • Working on improving content validation.
  • Use to check metadata converted from a tale into xml.
  • GeoPortal catalog:
  • Not super fond of the existing geoportal.
  • Built an openlayers/geoext CSW client for GeoPortal CSW implementation.
  • Can dynamically add map layers etc. to map or ArcMap based on metadata content.
  • Have to guess what a url is (regex or something) for because there is no information to say what the link is.

Discussion of metadata profiles etc... One more plug for everyone getting together and agreeing on code lists for describing servicetypes.

Metadata proxy for Google crawling.

  • CSW proxy that creates a site map for google to index integrated with ESRI GeoPortal to some extent.

Metadata management in a NOSQL Database.

  • Allows creation of relatively arbitrary content in CouchDB
  • Has adapted to transform metadata file objects from conceptual records into multiple output formats, like ISO XML.
  • Simple restful API to some neet functionality.
  • Written in node.JS