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February 15th, 2012

OPeNDAP/NetCDF and ArcGIS tools

WebEx Recording

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Topics Covered


Data Access Protocols: WMS,WFS,WCS,OPeNDAP

Talking about*OPeNDAP* here.
Can handle a wide varitey of indexible data, of great interest in Time.

Servers and File Formats:

Comparison between ESRI ArcGIS server and THREDDS Data Server.
Discussion back and forth comparing and contrasting the two technology stacks.

Client tools for OPeNDAP

presented here: Python, ArcGIS w/ Python, Matlab.
Gridded data defined not just as raster. OPeNDAP handles structured curvilinear and TINs etc.

Python tools:

Scipy and numpy:
Enthought: (distribution works with all commonly used operating system!)
Enthought doesn't necessarily work with ArcGIS python version.
Working on an Enthought python distribution of USGS. Will give leverage to configure the distribution for USGS ArcGIS distribution. (Stay tuned for that!)
NetCDF4Python. A wrapper for the NetCDF-C library. Functions on generic index space with no common data model abstraction.

ArcGIS w/ python for OPeNDAP. Very easy to import data to a grid. Limited to NumPyArrayToRaster as opposed to TIN or curvilinear grid.

Discussion of ArcGIS/Python code sharing breaks out. Will follow up on code repo for Arc scripts.
Mention of OPeNDAP protocol becoming an OGC adopted standard. NetCDF is already adopted.
Demonstration of a TIN brought into ArcGIS via OPeNDAP. (Uses LandXML Format to bring in the data.) Important in order to import existing TIN geometry.
Example of bringing a TIN into Arc as a shapefile. (connectivity between cells is lost)
Uses "pyshape" to perform conversion.
Values associated with grid cells represented by points drawn as aarows.
Mention of the ability of ArcGIS Model Builder and GeoProcessing as a potential wrapper for a tool box of functionality like this.

Areas Needing Improvement:

Wish 1: Better support for python OPeNDAP libraries in ArcGIS python versions.
Also interest in Enthought incorporating Rpy2, conversation taken offline.
Wish 2: Common Data Model for Python. Need NetCDF Java-like CDM for python to abstract data types.

Of interest from ArcGIS:

Discussion of ArcGIS latest regarding accessing NetCDF/HDF5 data directly.
Quick demo of time handling in ArcGIS.

Future/Follow-On talk idea:

Will work on a presentation (or series of talks) of ESRI time series handling for urbanization model
output contrasted with a similar use case/set of data in the OPeNDAP/NetCDF-CF stack.
note for future TSWG meeting: get a demo on the image mosaic and other cool new imagery stuff from ESRI
Potentially invite ESRI GeoPortal folks back to present the latest and greatest.