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Cloud Computing Update

Harry House gave a well-attended presentation on development of USGS access for cloud computing resources. Although policy and guidelines are still forming, a major message is that contracting for cloud computing resources will be centralized through the DOI and possibly within the Agency.  A longer term program, ICES, is being established. There are several other vehicles for this, including an NIH-related contract, which might be available sooner. Harry House and Kimberly Scott (OEI) are both available to answer questions on this topic.  

There were questions from the audience on what plans were for providing educational resources and support for applications engineering in the cloud. Harry stated that he's been building a list of relevant resources--might be nice to get a URL for those resources to this TSWG focus group. The Agency is clearly moving incrementally on this topic to learn about balancing paying for consultant support, in-house support, and building general human capital with expertise in this new IT area.  Although the Geospatial Platform (GIS on the cloud) contract is likely to be awarded in the next few months, it seemed that it's still too early for management to be able to make concrete statements about certifying and deploying other software stacks to the cloud (such as Confluence or ScienceBase).

TSWG are updating the CDI-TSWG-Cloud Computing email list based on indications of interest from participants, who are interested in using this list as a means for targeted communications from Agency leadership/movers and shakers. 


USGS Leaders Cloud Update

TSWG Cloud Update.pptx


Topics of Interest

  • policy
    • what level of gov't
    • approval process
    • issues
    • timelines
  • Commercial vs. Internal (USGS Enterprise, DOI, Federal)
  • standing up services vs. just job execution
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Python and other GIS-related tech
  • Open-Source Stacks (osgeo, etc)