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CSW capabilities - DBlodgett, 9-2-10

The Center for Integrated Data Analytics has been experimenting with the CSW metadata transfer standard and is interested in the ability to inform web mapping and web processing clients using information held in metadata records from various sources. A software library will be needed to allow metadata harvesting and utilization. A working group of metadata practitioners, metadata users, and IT professionals would be required to fully develop requirements, a testing suite, the library itself, and a testing/demonstration GUI CSW client.

Potential issues to be addressed are:

  • intelligent xml response parsing and interpretation
  • ontology and thesaurus awareness
  • smart content interpretation for mapping and processing

A concrete product of this team would include code required by individual projects consolidated into a single CSW client java library with developed javadocs and other documentation. As well as the demonstration/reference implementation of the library. This could fit into a larger open source development project or be stand alone.