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Interoperability Experiments - Sky Bristol, 9/8/2010

A series of interoperability experiments will demonstrate and prepare for production the utility of a set of CSW services providing different collections of metadata to the "Scientific Data Network." These experiments should focus on real world drivers for data discovery and access and concentrate on either human or computer program interactions.

  • GDP Tools - The GDP Tools were created by the CIDA group in 2010 and will make use of CSW and metadata standards to find appropriate sources of gridded data for data integration operations. This will either be done through harvesting to a local instance or distributed query across CSW servers at runtime.
  • ScienceBase Harvesting - ScienceBase (see uses metadata harvesting as a major source of items that are integrated into a simplified catalog and provided to science teams for contextualization and further community interaction. ScienceBase will serve as a clearinghouse for all CSW servers from instances of the technology stack, using the CSW harvest operation to pull metadata and integrate them into the SB-Catalog.
  • CMSP - The Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning activity is preparing a major catalog of data resources pertinent to the effort. Based on work with metadata standards and profiles in 2011, the CMSP activity can use CSW to harvest resources from USGS and non-USGS providers into a common catalog with one or more interfaces for search and discovery.