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Table of Contents

1 USGS CDI - TSWG - Topics of Interest1.1 Introduction1.2 Current Topics1.3 Handled Topics1.4 Random News1.5 Old topics/questions we don't want to lose track of.


Please submit topics for consideration during the biweekly conference calls. If more than one line of content is needed, please make a sub-page and link to it from here. Also, please embed links back to this page, the TSWG home, and the CDI home from your sub-page. Feel free to ask for help on this.

Current Topics

  • Data Management Frameworks/Systems (ScienceBase/,,, ESIP) Ray Obuch ppt
  • Megan Hines stuff - a citizen science type of project called the Wildlife Health Event Reporter application which aims to cast a wider net for animal deaths. Her group is also currently working on a Twitter data mining project for animal deaths.
  • Talk from GIN programmer/technology folks (talk w/Steve Richards, Viv Hutchison)
  • USGS policy on using Google Analytics, Docs, etc
  • How does FSP or EPN policy impact development & deployment of tools, software, web sites, etc (,
  • Discussions publication-ready figures from ArcMap
  • Data Uploader, will there be WCS support for rasters?
  • GIS capable web clients with Greg Gunther
  • Overview of NOAA document on conceptual operations with Rich Signell (or Rich can find a NOAA person?)
  • API for File-based ESRI Geodatabase
  • Draft Data Management Framework, per Stan Smith's presentation to the NCCWSC Data Management Group
  • Scientific programming: Excel Macros, SQL, python, R; guidance and standards.
    • R scripting sub-group? R for cartography?
  • Setting up a simple single-user version control system for data sets and scripts
  • Talk about participation in upcoming conferences
  • (please add more)

Handled Topics

Random News

Old topics/questions we don't want to lose track of.

  • What can we take from the NOAA document with their blueprint for data integration? Should we collaborate with them? If so, how? Roland Viger 9/8/2010

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