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Definition: Environmental Research Division’s Data Access Program (ERDDAP) is an open-source web service software from NOAA that mediates access to a variety of data server types. It allows users to specify requests to any supported data server using OPeNDAP and then translates requests into syntax required by the data server. Provides WMS access to many datasets, as well. ERDDAP will reformat the retrieved data into a user-selected file type/format (such as .html table, ESRI .asc and .csv, Google Earth .kml, OPeNDAP binary, .mat, .nc, ODV .txt, .csv, .tsv, .json, and .xhtml). ERDDAP also provides a unified way for a user to specify time/dates.
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  • I'm wondering about whether/how relates to CSW-type platforms like GeoNetwork, GI-cat, and ESRI GeoPortal.