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Web Processing Services (WPS)

Definition: Wikipedia The Web Processing Service (WPS) specification defines a standard method of advertising, describing, and invoking web processing algorithms. It provides an API structure that is largely self documenting in that input parameters' enumerations and formats and output formats are explicitly stated in the xml document returned when a given WPS is queried with the "DescribeProcess" request. WPS can be invoked in a synchronous mode (immediate response) or an asynchronous mode (check for response). In order to allow asynchronous processing, a "response document" format is specified. This allows a client application to make a request and periodically check for progress and/or the completed process output or output file URL.

Specification Maintainer: Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

Sample Implementations: 52N

Example Installations

Center for Integrated Data Analytics Geo Data Portal Services (CIDA GDP)