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The sediment transport group of the Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center contracted Axiom Data Science to develop a portal ( as part of our Hurricane Sandy response. The portal was designed to provide easy browsing and display of information from already published resources; the magic is that it's not just a metadata catalog, it also has extensive plotting capabilities and allows users to compare different data sets and see variations over time and space.  The portal originally contained oceanographic time-series data and ocean model grids; subsequently other sources have been added including tide gauges, marsh units and shoreline change rates near Barnegat Bay New Jersey. The underlying data are CF-compliant netCDF files, model data grids served on THREDDS or GIS layers accessed on ScienceBase. We are currently experimenting with getting similar datasets published by other centers into the portal and hope it will become a widely used tool for discovering, displaying, understanding and integrating various kinds of data.

Usage help is provided at and

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Author(s): Ellyn Montgomery

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