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U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists are increasingly flying multispectral cameras on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to capture image data for their analyses. Radiometric calibration is an important image processing step in order to assess changes in the landscape across space, time, and multiple sensors. This involves converting raw Digital Number (DN) pixel values to physical units such as reflectance. The USGS National UAS Project Office (NUPO) is developing a user-friendly open-source software option to support Department of the Interior scientists for performing radiometric calibration of multispectral imagery. The USGS NUPO is currently testing and improving the Python-based software with multispectral imagery collected using MicaSense RedEdge sensors, but plans to support additional multispectral sensors in the future. This software will be used to provide empirical data comparing commercially-available radiometric calibration software options to the USGS NUPO open-source software option currently in development.

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