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  • Rich's Google Drive Folder with Unidata Users Conf stuff:
  • Roland is going to present on behalf/with Rich Signell
  • Presentation scheduled for Monday, July 9, 2012, at one of the Boulder labs (to be filled in)
    • Tom Whittaker <> (+1 608 262 2759), Kevin Tyle <>, and Linda Miller <> (the organizers) would like to be informed ASAP re
    • Working Title: Just give me the climate data: 5 different ways
    • A/V requirements:
      • using our own laptop, with ArcGIS
      • projector that we can attach laptop to
      • internet connection
  • about 1 hour total (could be less)
  • slides
  • demo details
    • THREDDS server w/WMS
    • GDP
      • Draw a polygon, name it, submit; feature-weighted grid statistics, mean, display datasets, pick PRISM (on second list), pick precip, set dates 1920-1960, submit, specify email; 
        • have a slide or set of them to talk from while the request is processing. Note that this takes a while, not for the casual user, definitely doing serious work.
      • get results, show content, show graphics (these might need to be prepared for speed)
    • GDP-Python: CIDA's new guy (Zao Yang) is wrapping the GDP WPS algorithms in simple python functions to abstract out the need to construct XML and negotiate an asynchronous web service request. Not really an API. They hope to work on some details around cataloging and verifying that a particular web service resource (WCS or OPeNDAP) is appropriate for a particular purpose.
    • "look at the climate data in your neighborhood" a la Google Earth browsing
    • IPython Notebook: OPeNDAP using NetCDF4 Python in the IPython Notebook
      Ipython Notebook for Dustbowl Demo
      • set up recurring data/demo theme of the West Texas Drought
      • embed link to a wiki page talking about the west Texas drought
    • OPeNDAP in ArcGIS using Python (32-bit Arc10, Golka)
      • run the same code from the IPython
      • Numpy/Scipy - transform to an array
      • Multidimension Toolbox 
      • Environmental Data Connector
      • need to install again
      • can get a demo license for 60 days
    • IDV <--launch a bundle, no time-series because that's not what the software is for; better to look through summary of data.
      **thinking about recreating some of the "mixed bag" that Rich, Curtis, and Roland presented at the last USGS GIS Workshop
  • hands-on with the roomful of monkeys? dangerous! Also not sure about the facilities. Would probably talk a lot more time to prepare.