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    • Jamie Albrecht from Impact360 Alliance – 

      • Title: Inclusive Problem-Solving to Reduce Natural Hazard Impacts & Disaster Risk
      • Abstract: Grounded in human-centered design and other foundational frameworks, inclusive problem-solving is Impact360’s process to bring together natural hazard researchers and practitioners to solve wicked problems (really challenging problems like world hunger). The presentation will discuss the influence of human-centered design on inclusive problem-solving and how the process might lead to greater participation of the too often excluded members of our society.
      • Jamie's Bio: Jamie Albrecht is a human-centered designer, urban planner, and racial justice advocate. She is currently the Design Strategy Manager at the Impact360 Alliance, developing tools for researchers and practitioners to come together and solve problems. Before joining the Impact360 Alliance, she earned her master's in city and regional planning degree at the University of California, Berkeley, while helping the City of Berkeley write its 2019 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan. Before going back to school, she co-founded 18F, a human-centered design office inside the federal government, and she served in Peace Corps El Salvador from 2011-2013. Jamie lives in Oakland, California with her fiancé, Eli, and enjoys backpacking, cycling, and Showing Up For Racial Justice (as part of SURJ Bay Area). 
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Meeting Notes: please use this link for the original notes, and this link for the notes archived on the wiki

Presentation: InclusiveProblemSolving_Albrecht_2020.pdf

Recording: 200819-usability.mp4