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Resource: Guerrilla usability testing: How to introduce it in your next UX project

Discussion Topic(s) Addressed: Including usability principles and techniques time- and cost-effectively

Resource Summary:

  • This resource describes the guerrilla usability testing technique, which is a “cheap and fast way to identify user trends and observe user behaviour to improve your user interface”.
  • The resource also provides guidance on how to conduct guerrilla usability testing to allow project teams to receive user feedback in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Other Key Features of the Resource:

  • The resource’s reading time is about 10 minutes.
  • This resource outlines additional areas to consider when adapting guerrilla usability testing, including:
    • What Should You Test?
    • Where Should You Test?
    • How Do You Find the Right Participants?
    • How Will You Test?
  • The resource integrates advice from other usability experts. If needed, this additional, specific advice can be explored in detail.

Citation for the Resource:
Adiseshiah, Emily Grace. (2018, May 21). Guerrilla usability testing: How to introduce it in your next UX project. Retrieved from

Additional/Related Resources:  

The first resource provides additional tips on how to conduct guerrilla usability testing effectively, and the second resource introduces the “lean UX” concept.  

  1. Duong, Joanne. (2018, November 27). 7 tips for effective guerilla-usability testing. Retrieved from 
    1. Key Takeaways:
      1. Guerrilla usability testing allows recruitment of users day-of and adjustments on-the-fly.
      2. The tips provided in the resource are mainly for testing in the street. However, these tips can be applied when testing in other environments as well.
      3. Practice makes perfect!
  2. Justinmind. (2018, February 15). Lean UX: How to get started. Retrieved from 
    1. Key Takeaways:
      1. In order to conduct lean UX effectively, the project team needs to be collaborative.
      2. Lean UX encourages the project team to iterate and evaluate with cross-functional team members as well as users.
      3. Lean UX allows the project team to “think, make, check” early and frequently, and consequently, to produce products with higher value and less waste in resource.

Image credit: Graeme Fulton, via

This resource review is created as a response to the “Usability -- before, during, or after design?” topic posted to the forum.