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Resource: Mobile UX Design Principles and Best Practices

Discussion Topic(s) Addressed: Designing usability/user experience (UX) for mobile devices

Resource Summary:

  • The resource provides a set of best practices when designing user experience (UX) for mobile device, including (listed in the order that the best practice appears in the resource):
    • Create a Seamless Experience Across Devices
    • Allow for Personalization
    • Always Make Things Easier
    • Good Onboarding Practices
    • Use Established Gestures
    • Mobile Layout Design
    • Focus on Speed
    • Minimize Data Input
  • The resource highlights that even under the “mobile design” category, there are different user experiences, such as designing for an app versus a mobile website. These different experiences will need to be considered carefully and supported specifically.

Other Key Features of the Resource:

  • The resource is from UX Collective and quotes 10 minutes as its reading time. UX Collective curates content relating to user experience and provides the content back to the community in a more structured and digestible way.
  • The resource also explains that when designing mobile user experience, the following general UX principles should be applied especially with the relevant mobile environment/context in mind:
    • Put the User First
    • Make Navigation Intuitive
    • Focus on User Goals
    • Provide Feedback to Users
  • The resource includes a link to a the following article, which contains additional mobile UX design considerations:

Citation for the Resource:
Chapman, Cameron. (2019, July 15). Mobile UX design principles and best practices. Retrieved from 

Additional/Related Resources:

The following resources provide additional trends and practices for optimizing user experience for mobile devices:

  1. Budiu, Raluca. (2018, January 14). The state of mobile user experience. Retrieved from
    1. Key Takeaways:
      1. This resource highlights that the following mobile design areas now offer more mature usability practices since 2007 when the first iPhone was released:
        1. Content vs. User Interface Elements
        2. Use of Gestures
        3. Integration Between the Mobile Web and the App Web
        4. Use of Phone Features
        5. Tutorials
      2. Although the article is from 2018, the resource notes that it is important for project teams to not take usability for granted. Otherwise, usability mistakes could be cyclical: “one generation identifies them and creates design patterns that avoid them, but later generations, no longer having witnessed the UX problem, make the same error again in their quest for refreshed designs”.
  2. Interaction Design Foundation. (n.d.). Mobile user experience (UX) design. Retrieved from
    1. Key Takeaways:
      1. This resource is the introduction to the Interaction Design Foundation’s collection of resources relating to mobile user experience.
      2. In addition to summarizing how to support “moving users” and streamline experiences for “users on the go,” the introduction also includes a 6-minute video explaining the “Goals of Mobile UX”. These are:
        1. Easy to Use
        2. Easy to Learn
        3. Satisfying
        4. Friction-free
      3. One of the resources included in this compilation is the following:
        1. Interaction Design Foundation. (2018). Mobile usability research – The important differences from the desktop. Retrieved from
          1. This resource summarizes eight major differences between mobile and desktop environments.

This resource review is created as a response to the "Best practices for mobile development and mobile testing" topic posted to the forum.