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Agenda: Presentation at the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) 2020 Webinar Series

  • Presentation Title: Usability: How Usability Techniques Can Support Your Scientific Communities
  • Speakers: Sophie Hou, USGS Science Data Management, SAS and Western Geographic Science Center
  • Abstract: At the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), it is critical that our scientific research and products are provided in a useful way to our communities. The USGS Community for Data Integration (CDI) Usability Collaboration Area focuses on bringing the USGS community together to 1) discuss usability challenges when serving scientific data, and 2) identify strategies that can help improve data’s usability from an end-user perspective. As the current lead for the USGS CDI Usability Collaboration Area, Sophie will provide an overview of how the Usability Collaboration Area is providing usability resources to the USGS community. Sophie will also discuss a few use cases for how she is applying the usability resources to USGS projects. Finally, as a former co-chair of ESIP’s Usability Cluster, Sophie will share her lessons learned for how to collaborate with our communities to optimize the usability of our scientific data.
  • Presentation Slides: Hou_ESIP_202006.pdf
  • Presentation Recording: Link to Posting on YouTube