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Overview: Incorporating the User-Centered Design (UCD) process into the development of science communication products can help ensure the products are well-defined, consistent, engaging, and effective, in a word: usable. If you are interested in UCD, but you are not sure where to start, then this 2021 CDI Workshop session is for you! In this session, we will learn by doing a series of fast, fun hands-on activities to introduce four foundational phases of the UCD process: Discovery, Ideation, Prototyping, and Verification. Incorporating the UCD process into product development is a journey, and this session will help you take the first steps toward creating products and services that truly meet the needs of your users!

  • Session title: A Fun, Fast Hands-On Introduction to the User-Centered Design Process
  • Organizers: Joe Bard, Carolyn Driedger, Sophie Hou, Dave Ramsey, Rachel Volentine

  • Agenda:
    • Intro - Everyone has different perspectives, and our approaches to problem solving are influenced by our experiences. However, no matter how well-informed we are, we're not the user of the products we create, so to be a usability advocate we need to knock down preconceived notions and get the design team on the same, open-minded page.
    • Hands-on activities
      • Verification - Identify usability problems; learn about user attitudes and behaviors; improve user satisfaction.
      • Prototyping - Explore ideas and design concept before investing in development.
      • Ideation - Consider factors that influence your design; find meaning/inspiration; frame the challenge; build empathy for users.
      • Discovery - Learn about users — the more we know about our end users, the better solutions we can provide for them.
    • Wrap-up - Connecting what we learned and taking the next steps as a usability advocate.

  • Background: This session took place on May 28th, 2021 between 9 and 10:30am Pacific Time as part of the 2021 CDI Workshop.