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The CDI is using a website to assist with coordinating rides among participants. If you want to share rides, go to the CDI Workshop Group Carpool located HERE

Carpools can be used for getting to and from the airport, or around town in Boulder from hotels to the meeting site.

The platform can also be used to arrange a shared Lyft or Uber - just make sure to put in the notes "share Lyft/Uber with me" and leave your contact phone number in order to coordinate.  

Sign up for carpool

For help, see the instructions below:


1) Click on the car icon                                   


2) When the form appears, fill out your contact information. TIPS FOR FILLING OUT THE FORM:

    a. The system will notify you via e-mail when someone signs up to join your car, so choose an e-mail that is easily accessible to you.

    b. Use the CITY field for the hotel, airport, or city from which you will depart. For example, if you are flying into DIA, write “DIA” in the city field. Or, if you are offering a ride from your hotel, write “Hilton Garden Inn.”

    c. When selecting departing and return times, don’t forget to select the time! It's easy to miss.


3) Click “ADD CAR.” That’s all! Your car should now be showing up on the event home page. 


1) If there are green people/people with plus signs appearing in the carpool entry, then the car has available seats. Click on an available person.

2) Fill out the form with your contact information and whether you need a round trip or one way. Click “JOIN CAR.”

3) Note that when you sign up for a car, one person becomes gray and the plus sign is removed. That’s you! You can also confirm you’re in the car by clicking “details.” From there you can see everyone who has signed up for the car.


1) Click on the “details” button underneath the car.

2) Click "edit."

3) Click "delete."


1) Click on “details,” located underneath the car icon.

2) Click on the name of the person who will be removed.

3) Click “delete.” Note that this will delete the rider’s entire trip. If they reserved a round trip, both portions of that trip will be canceled.

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