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WHEN: April 17-18, 2012

WHERE: Denver, CO Building 810 (Day 1 also available via webex)

The USGS is one of the initial Federal agency contributors to the NSF-sponsored DataONE project ( We would like to invite USGS data centers to participate in a 2-day workshop focused on how to become a "Member Node".

Workshop Overview:

The first half of Day 1 will be an overview of the DataONE project, ways in which USGS is involved, and potential discussion for further collaborations. It will be open to any interested USGS personnel, and will be available via webex.  The remainder of Day 1 and all of Day 2 will be a highly technical, hands-on workshop focusing on the underlying tools (Investigator Toolkit, DataONE APIs, Member Node toolkits) of DataONE . The goal is to establish at least 2 USGS data centers as new Member Nodes both contributing and consuming data from DataONE by the end of Day 2.  Additionally, workflows will also be outlined illustrating how to participate and share data/metadata in the USGS/DataONE infrastructure without becoming a Member Node, but yet contributing data to this global effort.

Coordination and Participation:

The workshop will be lead by Mike Frame and members of the DataONE Cyberinfrastructure Team, Matt Jones (U.C Santa Barbara) and Dave Vieglas (University of Kansas/New Mexico University). Interested USGS data centers should indicate their participation by contacting Mike Frame ( and/or Viv Hutchison ( to register individuals with technical expertise who are able to attend the workshop and also help better define USGS contributions/activities with DataONE.   This site has been created to help share the latest information, discussions, and meeting logistics.   


To register for the workshop (Day 1 or Day 1 and TECHNICAL Day 2), click here:


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