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TNMCorps Project Webpage

GOOD NEWS! You are NOT required to log into this site.

To edit structures, log into the editor.

The mapping crowd-sourcing program, known as The National Map Corps (TNMCorps), encourages citizens to collect structures data by adding new features, removing obsolete points, and correcting existing data for The National Map database.


If you have access to the Internet and are willing to dedicate some time editing map data we hope you will consider participating!


Volunteers can now contribute data for all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands! You do not need to live in available states to participate. Our editing guidelines explain how you can contribute data from anywhere.





You would be using our online map editor to edit USGS structures data by updating existing features, adding new features, and removing obsolete features. You can choose what types of structure features to edit (from our list of structures) and edit in any of the available states shown above!




1)     Read through the editing guidelines to learn more about the project and how to contribute.


2)     Create an account to access the online map editor.


3)     Follow the directions on how to edit and add points to get started.









Project Updates
4/7/2016 -----------------------------
NEW NY Law Enforcement Mapping Challenge / Update to PA Challenge

Please check out the Mapping Challenges page for more information on the new challenge.

12/9/2015 ----------------------------
NEW Mapping Challenge – Pennsylvania Law Enforcement

Please check out the Mapping Challenges page for more information on the new challenge.

12/4/2015 ----------------------------
Results of October Cemetery Mapping Challenges

Thanks to Kelly Margaret Gormanqueenofthedead, and Slartibartfast! Check out the Check out the Mapping Challenges page for more information, and keep your eyes peeled for a new challenge coming next week.

11/12/2015 ----------------------------
Results of The Great Shakeout NMSZ Mapping Challenge

Thanks to HGeislernotmyrealname2112rjerrard, and Cartograsaurus for participating!

Check out the Mapping Challenges page for more information.

10/27/2015 ----------------------------

NEW Cemetery Mapping Challenge – Douglas County, KS

Although a few points need to be finished up for the Orleans county, Louisiana mapping challenge, we want to squeeze one or two more cemetery mapping challenges in before Halloween so here's a new one!

Please check out the Mapping Challenges page for more information on the new challenge.

Stull Cemetery in Stull, KS, looks peaceful under a bright blue sky.

Stull Cemetery, in Stull KS; Photo from

10/16/2015 ----------------------------

NEW Cemetery Mapping Challenge

With one day left in The Great Shakeout mapping challenge, we are releasing the first of several Cemetery mapping challenges, in honor of Halloween.

Please check out the Mapping Challenges page for more information on the new challenge.


Happy Mapping!

10/7/2015 ----------------------------

NEW (and different!) Mapping Challenge – Emergency Facilities within the New Madrid Seismic Zone for The Great Shakeout

On October 15, millions of people all over the world will participate in the Great Shakeout. In support of earthquake preparedness, TNMCorps will be holding a one week mapping challenge in the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) in support of the Great Central US Shakeout. Let’s see how many emergency response(Fire Station/EMS Station, Law Enforcement, Hospital/Medical Center, Ambulance Service) and School points we can update between Sunday, October 11 and Saturday October 17th. 

As always, make sure you're familiar with what we are collecting for those stucture types before participating. Volunteers who contribute in the Challenge area will be recognized on this page and also tweeted on The National Map Twitter account. 

Happy Mapping!

Take time to visit the Great Shakeout’s webpage and sign up to participate!  The site has a wealth of resources and information about earthquakes and earthquake preparedness.  

The image below is from the Central United States Earthquake Consortium webpage, another good source of information for disaster mitigation.


Virginia Prison/Correctional Facilities Challenge FINISHED!

A BIG thanks to fconleyrjerrard, and  msean21 for updating, verifying, adding, and deleting all Prison/Correctional Facility points in Virginia!


For all past project updates and news click here