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  •     Bounding box for ArcGIS REST services not in ISO XML output
  •     Users unable to upload files (Jessica Hopple / William Perry)
  •     Unprocessable Entity error when trying to upload/scrape TIFs
  •     Null pathOnDisk for map preview files prevent saving of item


  •     As a data manager, I can view a quality metric for my ISO metadata
  •     Delete large number of records from NGGDPP collection
  •     Catalog Metrics: Handle errors returned for new pie charts and graphs
  •     Remove the ScienceBase Catalog Items Graph
  •     Catalog Metrics: For Item Metrics by Week use format 'YYYY-MON-DD' - 'YYYY-MON-DD'
  •     Catalog Metrics: Update Agent Request Distribution Chart
  •     Catalog Metrics: Data Request Volume
  •     Maxmind vs EurekAPI Investigation
  •     Catalog Metrics: UrlMappings for Catalog Metrics API

New Feature

  •     Catalog Metrics: Stacked Barchart for Item Requests (Bot vs. non-Bot)
  •     Catalog Metrics: Add 'from' and 'to' date picker and timescale (by day, week, month, year)


  •     Separate metrics related actions from DataAdminController
  •     Catalog Metrics: Refactoring - move query logic to repositories and services