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ScienceBase Directory Version 2.49.2 Release 2017-12-07

[SCIENCEBASE-7033] - Directory - User Mgmt - searching
[SCIENCEBASE-7057] - Directory: Added 2 of the same group to a user and can't rid of it
[SCIENCEBASE-7122] - Directory: Bulk adding users does not create the proper username
[SCIENCEBASE-7130] - Directory: as a community manager when I click on a user name there is 2 delete buttons
[SCIENCEBASE-7155] - Directory - As a community manager it will not consistently allow me to add/delete users to a group
[SCIENCEBASE-7195] - Directory: Unable to create a new USGS user
[SCIENCEBASE-7196] - Directory: No signature of method error when adding a new USGS user

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6768] - MyUSGS: Change navigation of Manage on Overview Page
[SCIENCEBASE-7059] - Directory: Need sponsor field exposed for non-USGS DOI USERS
[SCIENCEBASE-7108] - API does not allow specifying sponsor when creating DOI (non-USGS) user
[SCIENCEBASE-7156] - Directory - Authentication errors when adding or deleting users in a group fail silently, add a message to inform the user

[SCIENCEBASE-6926] - myUSGS: url should update the location
[SCIENCEBASE-7037] - Directory: Unable to reset password once it has expired.
[SCIENCEBASE-7050] - myUSGS-Home - END of Nov deprecate Home Nov 30th
[SCIENCEBASE-7074] - Directory: On users search tab include includeInactive=true

[SCIENCEBASE-6799] - myUSGS: add pagination on the Groups tab for Users list
[SCIENCEBASE-7046] - Directory - creating a new community - once created I get a table that shows no groups
[SCIENCEBASE-7103] - Directory: Title for the Sponsor of a New User

ScienceBase Version 2.143.0 Release 2017-12-15

[SCIENCEBASE-7109] - Stack trace errors on BASIS harvest
[SCIENCEBASE-7173] - Permissions/Indexing issue - User views much smaller child item list
[SCIENCEBASE-7179] - New AGS services are not being created on new Server after deploy
[SCIENCEBASE-7186] - Unexpected System Error when accessing a task
[SCIENCEBASE-7190] - Unravel Bulk Job Processing Errors
[SCIENCEBASE-7194] - WRET Level 3/Level4 tags browse type are not displaying the correct tag scheme
[SCIENCEBASE-7198] - Unexpected System Error accessing item
[SCIENCEBASE-7200] - Anonymous access token not working in some circumstances
[SCIENCEBASE-7201] - Cleanup Failing Unit Tests In Catalog

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-7049] - Prototype Black Pearl - S3 sync
[SCIENCEBASE-7145] - Cloud Deploy: Deploy for Python web service apps (with CI)
[SCIENCEBASE-7146] - Cloud Deploy: Deploy for React Apps (or any Single Page Application) (with CI)

[SCIENCEBASE-6961] - Tech Talk Discussion on Monitoring Capabilities with CSAS&L
[SCIENCEBASE-7110] - Investigate the API capabilities for vocab
[SCIENCEBASE-7123] - Run script to remove public permissions in My Items
[SCIENCEBASE-7132] - Review and Improve ScienceBase Uptime Monitoring, Status Endpoints, Accounting for ScienceBase Dependencies in other workflows/apps
[SCIENCEBASE-7153] - Flask REST service app for deploy testing PT 2
[SCIENCEBASE-7154] - Flask REST service app for deploy testing PT 1
[SCIENCEBASE-7183] - Deploy ScienceBase 2.143.0
[SCIENCEBASE-7189] - Verify the Black Pearl AWS S3 Replication capabilities

[SCIENCEBASE-7095] - Fix some embedded microdata in
[SCIENCEBASE-7137] - Search Service App (for Public Search)
[SCIENCEBASE-7168] - (placeholder) catalog REST services improvements needed by search-ui

ScienceBase Version 2.142.0 Release 2017-11-30

[SCIENCEBASE-6504] - Minor bug in "manage anonymous access links"
[SCIENCEBASE-7004] - Team Develop and Debug: SB DR team -- Resolve DOI bugs
[SCIENCEBASE-7064] - Catalog Search Error: Two sibling aggregations cannot have the same name: [tagNameForTypeOrScheme]
[SCIENCEBASE-7087] - TIF Uploads Causing Errors / Not Processing Properly
[SCIENCEBASE-7102] - Update metadata is wiping out distributor phone number
[SCIENCEBASE-7111] - SB SysAdmin unable to edit or create new top-level folders
[SCIENCEBASE-7165] - Vocab - category name not being handled properly

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-7047] - Continued work on Search UI
[SCIENCEBASE-7054] - WRET Vocab Support: Next Steps
[SCIENCEBASE-7105] - Elastic hit based endpoint for an Item (maybe /catalog/items/<itemId>)
[SCIENCEBASE-7177] - Prototype Black Pearl - Initial Testing

[SCIENCEBASE-6679] - Investigate best practices for successful Test Driven Development
[SCIENCEBASE-6911] - Update footer for JOSSO Login
[SCIENCEBASE-6965] - Create transition document for /home users
[SCIENCEBASE-7009] - Change Catalog's start up alert to point to slack instead of hipchat
[SCIENCEBASE-7051] - Move sciencebase monitoring alerts from hipchat to slack
[SCIENCEBASE-7072] - Deployment logistics for sb services in the cloud
[SCIENCEBASE-7084] - Create aliases for elasticsearch indexes - Continued
[SCIENCEBASE-7086] - NDC Dashboard: Determine if it is using myUSGS/home API
[SCIENCEBASE-7089] - Set up new Machine
[SCIENCEBASE-7093] - Resolve CHS scan issues for Kubernetes nodes
[SCIENCEBASE-7094] - Add nginx ELB to CloudFormation Template
[SCIENCEBASE-7101] - Update the User Agreement to reflect the new publishing policy
[SCIENCEBASE-7113] - Deploy 2.142.0
[SCIENCEBASE-7125] - Update resources service account passwords
[SCIENCEBASE-7126] - Setup Mac
[SCIENCEBASE-7127] - Review bitbucket and gitlab
[SCIENCEBASE-7131] - setup Mac
[SCIENCEBASE-7133] - Add permanent setting to disable swap on elastic nodes
[SCIENCEBASE-7138] - Aggregate queries for DDOS attack
[SCIENCEBASE-7160] - Fix problem with updating SD facets

[SCIENCEBASE-7003] - PySB: Generate working code snippet to Pythonically apply Metadata Harvest tags for OAIPMH
[SCIENCEBASE-7106] - Add facetName to Item JSON
[SCIENCEBASE-7107] - Add title for preview image (previewImage.original.title) from the ItemFile
[SCIENCEBASE-7124] - Fix StackOverflow in ItemPermissionsService for Recursive Item (parentId and id are the same)
[SCIENCEBASE-7135] - palisade blocker for configurable list of strings in queryString

ScienceBase Version 2.141.0 Release 2017-11-09

[SCIENCEBASE-6957] - Unable to edit the help blurb on manage permissions
[SCIENCEBASE-7005] - Fix Minor 'Update Metadata' Bug
[SCIENCEBASE-7019] - Unable to add the Browse Type of Report tag on Prod
[SCIENCEBASE-7021] - MatchPhraseQueryBuilder issue in directory
[SCIENCEBASE-7058] - implement unique constraint on user + role to prevent duplicate memberships
[SCIENCEBASE-7062] - Vocab MissingMethodException SearchRequestBuilder.addFields()
[SCIENCEBASE-7063] - Vocab: bad call to CategorySearchService.indexCategory()
[SCIENCEBASE-7065] - ExtentReindexJob - not_x_content_exception
[SCIENCEBASE-7066] - StackOverflow during ItemExtentIndexJob
[SCIENCEBASE-7069] - Incorrect (cached) list of terms on a vocabulary page
[SCIENCEBASE-7100] - Search facets not returning correctly

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-7067] - Provide messaging to the user that item is not public

[SCIENCEBASE-6605] - Monitoring: grails app postgres connection health metrics
[SCIENCEBASE-6937] - Cleanup CatalogMaps Error Logging and Exceptions
[SCIENCEBASE-6947] - Use new ArcGIS Server site for new services
[SCIENCEBASE-6950] - Create aliases for elasticsearch indexes
[SCIENCEBASE-6962] - Tech talk discussion for Improving Google Search Results
[SCIENCEBASE-7020] - Communicate to Users that their public myItems will be private
[SCIENCEBASE-7056] - Black Pearl Tech Talk
[SCIENCEBASE-7061] - Fix beta elasticsearch memory usage
[SCIENCEBASE-7081] - Next Steps for Google Search Improvements
[SCIENCEBASE-7104] - Add Jira Integration to gitlab projects
[SCIENCEBASE-7112] - Deploy 2.141.0

IT Infrastructure Change

[SCIENCEBASE-7088] - Migrate BASIS+ Relay to new environment

ScienceBase Version 2.140.0 Release 2017-10-26

[SCIENCEBASE-6501] - "original metadata" shows up under files that aren't metadata (.sd files)
[SCIENCEBASE-6502] - citation tag shouldn't be added to item
[SCIENCEBASE-6536] - Elasticsearch upgrade similarity type
[SCIENCEBASE-6885] - Not prompting to create extensions when uploading a shapefile
[SCIENCEBASE-6900] - Shortcutted Items are being displayed as native items from the Parent Item show page
[SCIENCEBASE-6952] - SD files using the old file path
[SCIENCEBASE-6967] - Bad date gives unhelpful and incorrect error message
[SCIENCEBASE-6975] - File Inventory failed - duplicate key - mongodb error
[SCIENCEBASE-6979] - Footprinter modal window not clickable
[SCIENCEBASE-7008] - Vocab: click on Vocab and receive unexpected System error
[SCIENCEBASE-7011] - Large File Uploader is not reporting correct file size
[SCIENCEBASE-7023] - ScienceBase - out of disk space
[SCIENCEBASE-7026] - Advanced Search - Tags - I do not get any drop downs under tags
[SCIENCEBASE-7035] - Item File inventory fails on duplicate key error (mongodb)
[SCIENCEBASE-7036] - Directory - Search Parties not distinguishing any public items
[SCIENCEBASE-7038] - Directory- People search -First Name, Middle Name and Last Name do not work
[SCIENCEBASE-7040] - Catalog - Search from the main screen - All tags gets an error
[SCIENCEBASE-7041] - Catalog - Communities search - get an error on the community view
[SCIENCEBASE-7044] - Unable to Add Associated Links on Beta
[SCIENCEBASE-7045] - Folder Search does not work
[SCIENCEBASE-7048] - Fix spacing issue on folder destination picker
[SCIENCEBASE-7052] - New AGS are not being created
[SCIENCEBASE-7053] - Unable to add a user to JOSSO from Resources
[SCIENCEBASE-7055] - Investigate stacktrace when clearing and reindexing items
[SCIENCEBASE-7075] - TNM Query no longer functional

[SCIENCEBASE-6138] - Setup a postgres exporter
[SCIENCEBASE-6936] - myUSGS - Directory Regression test

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6807] - Complete Re-Index of Remaining Footprint Items
[SCIENCEBASE-6856] - When sideloading large file into S3 bucket, populate the file size on the SB item
[SCIENCEBASE-6951] - Upgrade Elasticsearch on vocab and directory
[SCIENCEBASE-6958] - Design and prototype a SB public search UI
[SCIENCEBASE-7024] - Create initial Search UI - Part 1
[SCIENCEBASE-7042] - Manage Permission allows non-USGS/non-Publisher user to select Inherited Permission from Parent when parent is public

[SCIENCEBASE-6242] - Implement a better application secret provider
[SCIENCEBASE-6604] - Monitoring: Instrument apache
[SCIENCEBASE-6617] - Monitoring: JMX/JVM monitoring on tomcat nodes
[SCIENCEBASE-6698] - Review Access Model
[SCIENCEBASE-6881] - Change all service account passwords (need password rotation plan)
[SCIENCEBASE-6888] - IPDS Implementation Step 3: Map all existing IP values in DR items into this table, linking back to item IDs.
[SCIENCEBASE-6890] - File Access/Storage: First Steps with Connecting to File Content Stored at EROS
[SCIENCEBASE-6917] - SB2 model changes to accommodate move to SB3
[SCIENCEBASE-6918] - Create new environment in CHS
[SCIENCEBASE-6921] - determine how to daisy chain authentication
[SCIENCEBASE-6922] - Move to GitLab
[SCIENCEBASE-6929] - Part II: Elastic Upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-6935] - UI/UX: Change item icon
[SCIENCEBASE-6964] - Testing in dev for elastic 5.6.x upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-6966] - Deploy 2.140.0
[SCIENCEBASE-6969] - Investigate why AGS Services are stopping
[SCIENCEBASE-6970] - Investigate the WAF issue (pySB failing on file upload)
[SCIENCEBASE-6973] - Fix the existing for SEO that aren't being rendered into the page
[SCIENCEBASE-6980] - Make elastic index name configurable in Vocab
[SCIENCEBASE-6981] - Make elastic index name configurable in Directory
[SCIENCEBASE-6983] - Testing in dev for elastic 5.6.x upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-6984] - Update AWS access keys for config
[SCIENCEBASE-6986] - File Access/Storage: First Steps with Connecting to File Content Stored at EROS
[SCIENCEBASE-6987] - Deploy fileupload app to DEV-is kubernetes cluster
[SCIENCEBASE-6990] - Set up Kubernetes ingress controller for internal access
[SCIENCEBASE-6991] - Create S3 Bucket for file-upload app
[SCIENCEBASE-6992] - Implement Coreos/dex on ESIP
[SCIENCEBASE-7006] - Monitoring: Detach jmx-exporter to a separate process that connects to tomcat's jmx port
[SCIENCEBASE-7010] - Remove dynamic mappings
[SCIENCEBASE-7016] - Rework ElasticIndicesConfig.groovy that pulls the mappings off to separate files
[SCIENCEBASE-7017] - Security Follow- Up: Public Item Permission Inheritance Fixes
[SCIENCEBASE-7022] - Create and update selenium tests from elastic upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-7029] - Upgrade elastic on prod
[SCIENCEBASE-7030] - Run performance tests for Elastic Upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-7034] - Mercury Metrics

[SCIENCEBASE-6854] - External Config Jenkins job
[SCIENCEBASE-6945] - Tech Talk (TNM Backup / Fail Over Options for SB Search)
[SCIENCEBASE-6972] - Search Boosting
[SCIENCEBASE-6985] - Search Boosting

ScienceBase Version 2.139.0 Release 2017-09-19

[SCIENCEBASE-6908] - Extent Simplification issue during re-index of remaining footprint Items
[SCIENCEBASE-6927] - Investigate issue with extents causing problems with Elastic

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6772] - Add Google Analytics Back to ScienceBase App
[SCIENCEBASE-6775] - WRET Vocab Support: Align Item Show / Item Edit Labels with Underlying JSON for Vocabulary Terminology
[SCIENCEBASE-6887] - IPDS Implementation Step 2: Develop external table to store IPDS Values
[SCIENCEBASE-6889] - IPDS Implementation Step 4: Develop a way for users edit the external table that contains the IPDS numbers

[SCIENCEBASE-6644] - UI/UX: "Add Item" and "Add File" Updates for User Clarity
[SCIENCEBASE-6932] - Document Issues/Resolutions over last ~6 Months re: TNM use of ScienceBase

[SCIENCEBASE-6528] - Monitoring: Instrument mongo
[SCIENCEBASE-6651] - Functional test for Catalog Uploads
[SCIENCEBASE-6870] - Investigate preventative measures for recent incident
[SCIENCEBASE-6919] - Making an Item Public is Restricted to USGS and Specified Publishers
[SCIENCEBASE-6930] - Placeholder for UI/UX "Add Item" demo
[SCIENCEBASE-6938] - UI/UX: Follow-up to Add Item and Attach Files
[SCIENCEBASE-6939] - Unit test for making items public
[SCIENCEBASE-6940] - Deploy 2.139.0

ScienceBase Directory Version 2.49.0 Release 2017-08-31

[SCIENCEBASE-6784] - myUSGS: As an Admin, I am unable to create a service account
[SCIENCEBASE-6860] - myUSGS: non-doi user unable to change password that was reset by Admin
[SCIENCEBASE-6898] - myUSGS: Unacceptable password error message when creating a non-doi user
[SCIENCEBASE-6906] - GET User JSON fails with beforeUpdate in Person for some users
[SCIENCEBASE-6907] - user-communities query fails for some users (which aren't managers)

[SCIENCEBASE-6813] - myUSGS: URI for links to "My Account" to replace
[SCIENCEBASE-6814] - myUSGS: Update SB commons header
[SCIENCEBASE-6882] - prevent reuse of passwords
[SCIENCEBASE-6925] - Clean out subscription groups in DEV, BETA, and PROD

[SCIENCEBASE-6867] - myUSGS: On overview page change reset password button to Change Password
[SCIENCEBASE-6924] - myUSGS:Allow email to be edited for service accounts





ScienceBase Directory Version 2.47.0 Release 2017-07-31

[SCIENCEBASE-6688] - MyUSGS: Directory API does not return an error on bad Sponsor for non-doi user
[SCIENCEBASE-6752] - MyUSGS: Multiuser, Multirole search
[SCIENCEBASE-6756] - myUSGS: As a User, when I edit my properties and select Update an error occurs
[SCIENCEBASE-6769] - myUSGS: As Admin, receive Group Creation Failed message when creating new group
[SCIENCEBASE-6782] - myUSGS: As an Admin, Improve error messaging when I import a DOI user that already exists
[SCIENCEBASE-6783] - myUSGS: As an Admin, I am unable to import a (DOI) user
[SCIENCEBASE-6786] - myUSGS: As an admin, I can reset Non-DOI user passwords
[SCIENCEBASE-6789] - myUSGS: As an Admin, when I delete a group, the screen does not refresh to display changes
[SCIENCEBASE-6791] - myUSGS: As an admin, I am unable to create a new group
[SCIENCEBASE-6821] - myUSGS: Admin is unable to delete user accounts

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6788] - myUSGS: As an admin, I can edit groups
[SCIENCEBASE-6817] - myUSGS: Add refresh on Directory UI for each view
[SCIENCEBASE-6829] - myUSGS: Improve error messaging in directory UI

[SCIENCEBASE-6682] - Investigate best practices for successful Test Driven Development
[SCIENCEBASE-6755] - myUSGS: As a User, I can edit my User Properties from my Account section
[SCIENCEBASE-6757] - myUSGS: As a User, they should not be able to delete their account.
[SCIENCEBASE-6758] - myUSGS: As a DOI user, they should not see the Reset password button
[SCIENCEBASE-6761] - myUSGS: As a community manager, they should only be able to edit CommunityTitle and description
[SCIENCEBASE-6797] - myUSGS: As an Admin, I need to be able to update users from Active Directory

[SCIENCEBASE-6770] - MyUSGS: A Community Manager should not have ability to create a new group
[SCIENCEBASE-6771] - myUSGS: Implement Security for Community Managers
[SCIENCEBASE-6773] - myUSGS: on Groups tab need a hover of check and plus sign
[SCIENCEBASE-6800] - myUSGS: Move New Community button from Group tab to Communities tab



















ScienceBase Version 2.138.0 Release 2017-08-31

[SCIENCEBASE-6855] - Titles on Child items don't wrap on the Parent Show Page

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6734] - SonarQube - Functional testing (selenium)
[SCIENCEBASE-6738] - TECH TALK: Discuss and Implement a way to Hide IP Numbers on a Public Data Release Page
[SCIENCEBASE-6876] - myUSGS: User editable fields for User account

[SCIENCEBASE-6643] - Determine root cause of out of memory errors when processing WAF (identifier query)
[SCIENCEBASE-6653] - Page through a Mongo DBCursor to clean up WAF processed duplicate items by identifier
[SCIENCEBASE-6714] - Add catalog-metrics repo metrics POST request to FileInventoryJob
[SCIENCEBASE-6742] - Review SB Files Model
[SCIENCEBASE-6833] - Re-write Selenium tests to use page-object model
[SCIENCEBASE-6879] - Clean up sciencebase.import (PG database)
[SCIENCEBASE-6880] - Refactor JOSSO myUSGS helper plugin to eliminate (externalize) default credentials
[SCIENCEBASE-6886] - IPDS Implementation Step 1: Remove IPDS numbers from the item show page
[SCIENCEBASE-6897] - Update Metadata - incorrect order in Citation Section
[SCIENCEBASE-6905] - update elastic configuration on beta and prod for memlock
[SCIENCEBASE-6910] - Remove fallback code since the path will no longer exist
[SCIENCEBASE-6916] - Missing Items in Catalog/Vocab queries broken

IT Infrastructure Change
[SCIENCEBASE-6884] - Fix BASIS Harvest Prometheus Metrics and Unit Test
[SCIENCEBASE-6894] - Basis+ Relay Deployment





ScienceBase Version 2.137.3 Release 2017-08-29

[SCIENCEBASE-6915] - Resolve elastic search downtime

ScienceBase Version 2.137.2 Release 2017-08-25

[SCIENCEBASE-6848] - Script to move AGS services from old server to new server
[SCIENCEBASE-6849] - Run and Monitor AGS Move script

ScienceBase Version 2.137.1 Release 2017-08-24

[SCIENCEBASE-6896] - Investigate and Resolve Issue with OAI-PMH Resumption Tokens

ScienceBase Version 2.137.0 Release 2017-08-17

[SCIENCEBASE-6699] - Permission denied to file removal job on /mnt/dist/appdata/repo/prod/05/b9/7d/
[SCIENCEBASE-6855] - Titles on Child items don't wrap on the Parent Show Page

[SCIENCEBASE-6839] - Revisit and Fix Issues with 'Update Metadata' Function (Round 2)

[SCIENCEBASE-6511] - typo on the "create anonymous access link" page
[SCIENCEBASE-6686] - Update ScienceBase Technical Project Page
[SCIENCEBASE-6815] - Add TDR Seal on SB
[SCIENCEBASE-6831] - WRET: link tag types for level 1 and level 2 to vocabs/schemes part 2
[SCIENCEBASE-6832] - Manage DOI: add orcid
[SCIENCEBASE-6834] - Authentication for BASIS+ API Harvested Objects
[SCIENCEBASE-6843] - SOP for Test Driven Development - Take 3 meeting
[SCIENCEBASE-6848] - Script to move AGS services from old server to new server
[SCIENCEBASE-6871] - Postmortem on incident

[SCIENCEBASE-6866] - Update Metadata: Update shapefile xml in extension tab








ScienceBase Version 2.136.1 Release 2017-08-15

[SCIENCEBASE-6874] - Push beta CORS configuration to prod

ScienceBase Version 2.136.0 Release 2017-08-03

[SCIENCEBASE-6741] - UI cleanup as a result of eliminating old layouts (Part 2)
[SCIENCEBASE-6748] - NPE with Item Gets
[SCIENCEBASE-6763] - NCCWSC Data Script, Product of script, and Parent Tag script not working
[SCIENCEBASE-6823] - Error: Save Fail!

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6822] - Create new BASIS+ harvester as a service

[SCIENCEBASE-6655] - SB3 Search - Review catalog v2 search and document tech specs
[SCIENCEBASE-6657] - SB3 Search - Prototype global search app which uses a multi-index, multi-type search prototype (elastic datastore)
[SCIENCEBASE-6669] - Changes to the "Update Metadata" Button on ScienceBase Item Page

[SCIENCEBASE-6650] - Functional Test for Footprinter
[SCIENCEBASE-6668] - Determine log level for ImageResize exceptions
[SCIENCEBASE-6713] - Check for and Remove Orphaned ArcGIS Services / GIS Service CleanUp
[SCIENCEBASE-6735] - Run File Removal Process after the move to NetApp
[SCIENCEBASE-6778] - myUSGS Resources: Use directory API for resources
[SCIENCEBASE-6779] - myUSGS home: Add flags so users do not receive multiple emails from myUSGS and ScienceBase
[SCIENCEBASE-6804] - WRET: link tag types for level 1 and level 2 to vocabs/schemes
[SCIENCEBASE-6812] - myUSGS resources: Update resources to use log4j
[SCIENCEBASE-6816] - Research Catalog and familiarize with codebase
[SCIENCEBASE-6819] - Update sciencebase.upload.filestore.path in Config.groovy
[SCIENCEBASE-6824] - Development Environment Discussion
[SCIENCEBASE-6828] - Externalize resources config, add to jenkins

[SCIENCEBASE-6641] - Manage DOI: Fix autofill on contact
[SCIENCEBASE-6712] - Limit properties populating the _all field in the index














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