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  • [SCIENCEBASE-6073] - "unexpected system error" when trying to undelete an item whose parent is deleted
  • [SCIENCEBASE-6094] - SDC dashboard down
  • [SCIENCEBASE-6116] - Sciencebase glitch when using parenthesis
  • [SCIENCEBASE-6142] - Discuss Metrics / Apache Log Process with Jonathan & Drew
  • [SCIENCEBASE-6145] - Review Logs and Pursue Raster Upload Issues
  • [SCIENCEBASE-6151] - Errors in OAI-PMH harvest by set
  • [SCIENCEBASE-6174] - Raster Upload/Save Fail (Null Pointer Exception)


  • [SCIENCEBASE-5213] - Add weighting algorithm for items
  • [SCIENCEBASE-5961] - SB Services: Enable GDAL plugin for GeoServer
  • [SCIENCEBASE-6119] - N. Latysh: Improve Options / Process for Bulk Deletes
  • [SCIENCEBASE-6120] - Verify the current version of GeoServer resolves the Raster Projection Challenges
  • [SCIENCEBASE-6128] - Preserve Check Sums for Files Attached to an Item


  • [SCIENCEBASE-4413] - Date query not producing expected results, because provenance dates are included
  • [SCIENCEBASE-6160] - Pull in Both the "Organization" and the "Person" from a Contact element (cntorgp OR cntperp) in an FGDC Record
  • [SCIENCEBASE-6161] - Update how ScienceBase pulls in Online Linkage elements from 'idinfo' in an FGDC Record