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[SCIENCEBASE-5944] - Restored items still show up in the deleted items list
[SCIENCEBASE-6038] - Services are not getting fully setup properly

[SCIENCEBASE-5496] - Improve search, etc. so that communities can be found as expected
[SCIENCEBASE-6175] - Boost items based on the completeness of the Item

[SCIENCEBASE-6191] - Improve Weighting Algorithm and Explain Process
[SCIENCEBASE-6244] - Configurable reference to existing 'Communities' folder/item

[SCIENCEBASE-6153] - Provide Message for Manage>Edit>Add Files to Inform Users to use the Large File Uploader
[SCIENCEBASE-6154] - Investigate and Add the Ability to Identify and Label "Original FGDC Metadata" and "Original ISO Metadata"
[SCIENCEBASE-6155] - Write Out Spatial Coordinates of the "Spatial" Facet as Well-Formatted GeoJSON
[SCIENCEBASE-6162] - Relabel "Toggle Info" on the contacts in Who tab to "Expand/Collapse"
[SCIENCEBASE-6163] - Review/Updated how "Update Missing Item Data from FGDC Metadata" Functions
[SCIENCEBASE-6164] - Fix the “Update Metadata” action in Item Actions
[SCIENCEBASE-6180] - Improve handling of rasters
[SCIENCEBASE-6183] - SDC Harvest Support: Present List of Data Owners in Alphabetical Order
[SCIENCEBASE-6189] - Add Spinner or Other Visual Cue to Indicate that a Metadata Record is being Parsed
[SCIENCEBASE-6205] - 'Update Metadata' Function (XML Distribution Liability / SB Item Rights) Revision
[SCIENCEBASE-6245] - Implement caching for catalog's metric service