Blog from August, 2017

ScienceBase Version 2.137.3 Release 2017-08-29

[SCIENCEBASE-6915] - Resolve elastic search downtime

ScienceBase Version 2.137.2 Release 2017-08-25

[SCIENCEBASE-6848] - Script to move AGS services from old server to new server
[SCIENCEBASE-6849] - Run and Monitor AGS Move script

ScienceBase Version 2.137.1 Release 2017-08-24

[SCIENCEBASE-6896] - Investigate and Resolve Issue with OAI-PMH Resumption Tokens

ScienceBase Version 2.137.0 Release 2017-08-17

[SCIENCEBASE-6699] - Permission denied to file removal job on /mnt/dist/appdata/repo/prod/05/b9/7d/
[SCIENCEBASE-6855] - Titles on Child items don't wrap on the Parent Show Page

[SCIENCEBASE-6839] - Revisit and Fix Issues with 'Update Metadata' Function (Round 2)

[SCIENCEBASE-6511] - typo on the "create anonymous access link" page
[SCIENCEBASE-6686] - Update ScienceBase Technical Project Page
[SCIENCEBASE-6815] - Add TDR Seal on SB
[SCIENCEBASE-6831] - WRET: link tag types for level 1 and level 2 to vocabs/schemes part 2
[SCIENCEBASE-6832] - Manage DOI: add orcid
[SCIENCEBASE-6834] - Authentication for BASIS+ API Harvested Objects
[SCIENCEBASE-6843] - SOP for Test Driven Development - Take 3 meeting
[SCIENCEBASE-6848] - Script to move AGS services from old server to new server
[SCIENCEBASE-6871] - Postmortem on incident

[SCIENCEBASE-6866] - Update Metadata: Update shapefile xml in extension tab








ScienceBase Version 2.136.1 Release 2017-08-15

[SCIENCEBASE-6874] - Push beta CORS configuration to prod

ScienceBase Version 2.136.0 Release 2017-08-03

[SCIENCEBASE-6741] - UI cleanup as a result of eliminating old layouts (Part 2)
[SCIENCEBASE-6748] - NPE with Item Gets
[SCIENCEBASE-6763] - NCCWSC Data Script, Product of script, and Parent Tag script not working
[SCIENCEBASE-6823] - Error: Save Fail!

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6822] - Create new BASIS+ harvester as a service

[SCIENCEBASE-6655] - SB3 Search - Review catalog v2 search and document tech specs
[SCIENCEBASE-6657] - SB3 Search - Prototype global search app which uses a multi-index, multi-type search prototype (elastic datastore)
[SCIENCEBASE-6669] - Changes to the "Update Metadata" Button on ScienceBase Item Page

[SCIENCEBASE-6650] - Functional Test for Footprinter
[SCIENCEBASE-6668] - Determine log level for ImageResize exceptions
[SCIENCEBASE-6713] - Check for and Remove Orphaned ArcGIS Services / GIS Service CleanUp
[SCIENCEBASE-6735] - Run File Removal Process after the move to NetApp
[SCIENCEBASE-6778] - myUSGS Resources: Use directory API for resources
[SCIENCEBASE-6779] - myUSGS home: Add flags so users do not receive multiple emails from myUSGS and ScienceBase
[SCIENCEBASE-6804] - WRET: link tag types for level 1 and level 2 to vocabs/schemes
[SCIENCEBASE-6812] - myUSGS resources: Update resources to use log4j
[SCIENCEBASE-6816] - Research Catalog and familiarize with codebase
[SCIENCEBASE-6819] - Update sciencebase.upload.filestore.path in Config.groovy
[SCIENCEBASE-6824] - Development Environment Discussion
[SCIENCEBASE-6828] - Externalize resources config, add to jenkins

[SCIENCEBASE-6641] - Manage DOI: Fix autofill on contact
[SCIENCEBASE-6712] - Limit properties populating the _all field in the index














ScienceBase Version 2.135.0 Release 2017-07-20

[SCIENCEBASE-6589] - Report a Problem link does not work when you click on it from I want to... box
[SCIENCEBASE-6746] - missing map previews in logs
[SCIENCEBASE-6754] - S3 file downloads throwing AmazonServiceException
[SCIENCEBASE-6808] - Bad Request error when trying to access Footprint from BASIS+

[SCIENCEBASE-6637] - TNM - Non Performant Query 1 (National Elevation Dataset (NED) 1/3 arc-second vs. US Topo Current.)
[SCIENCEBASE-6638] - TNM - Non Performant Query 2 (Incorrect 'no results' for multi extent selection query)
[SCIENCEBASE-6656] - SB3 Search - ETL script/process to load SB2 data into SB3 prototype

[SCIENCEBASE-6523] - Monitoring: host level metrics
[SCIENCEBASE-6527] - Monitoring: Instrument elasticsearch nodes
[SCIENCEBASE-6597] - Address EZID API changes for Manage DOI>EZID
[SCIENCEBASE-6776] - WRET: Tech talk on Hierarchical Tags
[SCIENCEBASE-6777] - WRET: Hierarchical tags: Review documentation and evaluate proposed solutions
[SCIENCEBASE-6780] - Move Update Metadata option under Admin Actions
[SCIENCEBASE-6806] - WRET: Tech Talk 3 on Hierarchical Tags

[SCIENCEBASE-6729] - Manage DOI: DOI status should default to reserved
[SCIENCEBASE-6732] - Use BASIS+ API Harvested Objects in grails-sciencebase-translators To Update and Create SB Items
[SCIENCEBASE-6745] - Typo in ScienceBase Upload app page title
[SCIENCEBASE-6750] - Add Translators Project to SonarQube
[SCIENCEBASE-6751] - Address Issues Found by SonarQube
[SCIENCEBASE-6765] - Assign html ids to some input fields on advanced search form

























ScienceBase Version 2.134.0 Release 2017-06-29

[SCIENCEBASE-6258] - Code Cleanup (UI) - Eliminate old layouts, templates, views, JavaScript, and CSS
[SCIENCEBASE-6670] - NDC: Some Collection Records are not auto-populating
[SCIENCEBASE-6716] - message after changing password with forgottenPassword makes it seem like it failed
[SCIENCEBASE-6722] - Bad Request error when paging my tasks
[SCIENCEBASE-6728] - Architecture - Resources - System Error 500

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6368] - management UI for UserRole (aka Role membership) (part of replacing myUSGS-home)
[SCIENCEBASE-6585] - Technical Discussion on hierarchical tags in ScienceBase Vocab

[SCIENCEBASE-6522] - Monitoring: Instrument catalog
[SCIENCEBASE-6540] - GIS - Architecture - Plan Development
[SCIENCEBASE-6623] - Research REST documentation for Files
[SCIENCEBASE-6625] - Determine if /files will be deployed to the cloud or CSAHC
[SCIENCEBASE-6629] - myUSGS: Edit Existing User
[SCIENCEBASE-6631] - As a user, I can delete items with a DOI identifier that do not have 10.5066 as key value
[SCIENCEBASE-6642] - Change the repository configuration to point to the new CSAS storage device (NexSAN to NetApp Migration)
[SCIENCEBASE-6647] - Functional test for Item View
[SCIENCEBASE-6649] - Functional tests for Search and Search Results
[SCIENCEBASE-6660] - In Directory User Interface Only allow admins to create new communities
[SCIENCEBASE-6674] - Test Implementation - Determine Code coverage tools and configuration
[SCIENCEBASE-6675] - Test Implementation - Determine Code coverage tools and configuration 
[SCIENCEBASE-6680] - Investigate best practices for successful Test Driven Development
[SCIENCEBASE-6689] - Create Sonarcube build for SB components
[SCIENCEBASE-6693] - Research Docker
[SCIENCEBASE-6697] - (Fix and) Run File Removal Process for the move to NetApp
[SCIENCEBASE-6708] - MyUSGS: As an Admin, I can search for a realm
[SCIENCEBASE-6719] - NDC: Reload Collection page after save
[SCIENCEBASE-6723] - UI cleanup as result of the work for eliminating old layouts
[SCIENCEBASE-6724] - Create job to clean temp files left over from sonarqube scans


[SCIENCEBASE-6418] - items create/edit pages now using sciencebase layout
[SCIENCEBASE-6419] - Folder code moved from old layout to individual pages
[SCIENCEBASE-6424] - Architecture: Replace Current BASIS+ Harvest Process
[SCIENCEBASE-6731] - BASIS+ API Harvest Into Project Objects




















ScienceBase Version 2.133.0 Release 2017-06-15

[SCIENCEBASE-6628] - Enable shapefile file upload through pysb without creating extension
[SCIENCEBASE-6634] - Investigate CSW Issue for User
[SCIENCEBASE-6658] - Editing an existing Community there columns in the group section that overlap
[SCIENCEBASE-6663] - DOI Tool - problem in Firefox DOI tool not responding
[SCIENCEBASE-6666] - Unable to upload a zipped shapefile in footprinter
[SCIENCEBASE-6671] - Vocab UrlMappingException /vocab/vocabularies
[SCIENCEBASE-6683] - "OR" conjunction searches are not working

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6483] - Reset Forgotten Password (self service)
[SCIENCEBASE-6676] - Add a way to obtain ancestors of an item.
[SCIENCEBASE-6678] - PySB: add ability to retrieve ancestors or more generally non-default fields in JSON for an Item-GET

[SCIENCEBASE-5584] - Install SonarQube and hook it in to jenkins
[SCIENCEBASE-6519] - Monitoring: Instrument upload-app
[SCIENCEBASE-6520] - Monitoring: Instrument catalogMaps
[SCIENCEBASE-6624] - Wire to 
[SCIENCEBASE-6659] - On Josso login page, send forgotten password request to
[SCIENCEBASE-6664] - UI/UX: Improve Text/Layout for Managing Permissions and Roles
[SCIENCEBASE-6677] - fix duplicate id for permissions section html
[SCIENCEBASE-6685] - NDC: CSS cleanup
[SCIENCEBASE-6687] - Test Driven Development Meeting
[SCIENCEBASE-6692] - Docker Tech Talk

[SCIENCEBASE-6417] - splash page, search page, advanced query page all with sciencebase layout
[SCIENCEBASE-6558] - UI/UX: Update Metadata Ingest Message for Users
[SCIENCEBASE-6607] - Catalog Metrics: Add mini-Charts for Files, Items, and aggregate Size on Disk to top of SBBTN page
[SCIENCEBASE-6665] - UI/UX Manage DOI improvements




ScienceBase Version 2.132.0 Release 2017-06-05

[SCIENCEBASE-6295] - Non Performant query for National Map Thesaurus
[SCIENCEBASE-6535] - Create shortcut to My Items loading popup to select folder when it should just create the shortcut
[SCIENCEBASE-6545] - WAF Harvest Failure Investigation
[SCIENCEBASE-6563] - FileRemovalService failed with stackoverflow
[SCIENCEBASE-6602] - DOI Contact bug
[SCIENCEBASE-6640] - Out of memory when collecting item identifier query results

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6367] - management UI for Community (part of replacing myUSGS-home)
[SCIENCEBASE-6376] - NDC - Limit affiliation pick list to Geological Surveys, and create an admin function to remove a user's affiliation.
[SCIENCEBASE-6428] - Jobs and Background Services - password reminders, user LDAP updates, etc
[SCIENCEBASE-6538] - Functional test suite for Catalog Edit form

[SCIENCEBASE-6557] - As a Community Manager, I can edit Title (long name) and Description
[SCIENCEBASE-6562] - As a Admin, I can create a new Community with Name, Title, and description
[SCIENCEBASE-6577] - Add User page for logged in User that is non-privileged
[SCIENCEBASE-6578] - As an Admin, I can edit a Community's Short Name, Title, Description, Managed By Group

[SCIENCEBASE-6253] - Eliminate ScienceBase's need for myUSGS-home
[SCIENCEBASE-6400] - NDC Updates 
[SCIENCEBASE-6448] - DOI API Changes (Update SB Code)
[SCIENCEBASE-6465] - DOI Tool Updates (Minor updates on SB Behavior/Display)
[SCIENCEBASE-6514] - SB Files / Decoupling: Revisit File Scraping, Typing, Processing - Continue Effort
[SCIENCEBASE-6530] - Monitoring: Instrument vocab
[SCIENCEBASE-6531] - Monitoring: Configure TLS security on tomcats
[SCIENCEBASE-6532] - Architect the direction of files in ScienceBase
[SCIENCEBASE-6533] - Architect the direction of ScienceBase Search
[SCIENCEBASE-6542] - Monitoring: Basic monitoring of grails apps
[SCIENCEBASE-6576] - As an Admin, I can delete a Community
[SCIENCEBASE-6580] - Architect the direction of files in ScienceBase
[SCIENCEBASE-6593] - Add Community Search on manage Users Page
[SCIENCEBASE-6594] - Add Landing Page
[SCIENCEBASE-6595] - Add routing
[SCIENCEBASE-6596] - NDC: Indicate which fields are required
[SCIENCEBASE-6600] - NDC: Use SB Identifier vocab for NGGDPP Collection ID and Other Identifier
[SCIENCEBASE-6601] - Running out of temp disk space
[SCIENCEBASE-6609] - Get SB Development Environment Setup
[SCIENCEBASE-6610] - Get SB Development Environment Setup
[SCIENCEBASE-6620] - Preparation for Docker Brown Bag
[SCIENCEBASE-6622] - Introduction to Elastic Search
[SCIENCEBASE-6630] - Update config deployment jobs with updated paths
[SCIENCEBASE-6639] - Get SB Development Environment Setup
[SCIENCEBASE-6646] - Familiarize with selenium using python

[SCIENCEBASE-6413] - UI/UX: Improve Text/Layout for Managing Permissions and Roles

ScienceBase Version 2.131.0 Release 2017-05-19

[SCIENCEBASE-5890] - Query using extent with buffer throws an error
[SCIENCEBASE-6397] - Download All function not working

[SCIENCEBASE-6608] - Fix bug with Item Metrics Bar Chart 

[SCIENCEBASE-6352] - Sciencebase by the Numbers Layout changes



ScienceBase Version 2.130.0 Release 2017-05-11

[SCIENCEBASE-5890] - Query using extent with buffer throws an error
[SCIENCEBASE-5939] - Elastic queries throwing exceptions, we need to block bad queries before they are sent
[SCIENCEBASE-6464] - The specified URL cannot be found when attempted to mint a USGS DOI
[SCIENCEBASE-6489] - Error executing queries
[SCIENCEBASE-6509] - Search / Filter by Organization is Not Working Properly
[SCIENCEBASE-6515] - SB Files / Decoupling: What's next in Architecture (Team Lead / Devs Meeting)
[SCIENCEBASE-6539] - Item show page is showing children that a user doesn't have permissions for
[SCIENCEBASE-6575] - OAI-MPH performance issues and repetitive calls to mongo for Items


[SCIENCEBASE-6480] - Remove password reset and from Josso Login Page
[SCIENCEBASE-6524] - Monitoring: Set up prometheus and grafana
[SCIENCEBASE-6544] - Free up space/inodes on the network drive - Delete old/unused repo files
[SCIENCEBASE-6581] - Setup Testing for NDC dashboard
[SCIENCEBASE-6588] - SB by the numbers Layout changes

[SCIENCEBASE-6510] - Missing FileTypes From FGDC2SB weblink creation


ScienceBase Version 129.0 Release 2017-04-28

[SCIENCEBASE-5924] - Improve How Search is Performed When In 'Search View'
[SCIENCEBASE-6469] - Investigate WAF harvests issue
[SCIENCEBASE-6470] - Issue Creating a Service for a TIF because of SLD Error
[SCIENCEBASE-6488] - elastic errors in directory and catalog (Result window is too large)
[SCIENCEBASE-6495] - Advanced Search is encoding Search by Geometry incorrectly
[SCIENCEBASE-6497] - Bulk Modifications page for Party/Organization Aliases broken
[SCIENCEBASE-6498] - OAI-MPH returns incorrect results that include item that shouldn't be included


New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6359] - RESTful JSON User Services (part of replacing myUSGS-home)

[SCIENCEBASE-6393] - Document how to Architect the SB Java Client Library

[SCIENCEBASE-6272] - ScienceBase Monitoring
[SCIENCEBASE-6407] - Add two fields to budget facet
[SCIENCEBASE-6430] - Set up the Testing Framework
[SCIENCEBASE-6462] - Add 'Regional Offices' in the metadata harvest form for the OAI-PMH feed.
[SCIENCEBASE-6506] - Postmortem: Elasticsearch Upgrade issues

[SCIENCEBASE-6284] - OnlineResource for JPG URLs not harvested into ScienceBase during WAF processing
[SCIENCEBASE-6445] - Upgrade Elasticsearch Directory from 1.x to 2.x
[SCIENCEBASE-6481] - Catalog Metrics: Implement '?to=' param for new clients api endpoint





ScienceBase Version 2.128.0 Release 2017-03-29

[SCIENCEBASE-6425] - Add validation method for large file uploader to prevent attaching 100 or more files
[SCIENCEBASE-6441] - Community name containing special characters causes bad request for upload-app
[SCIENCEBASE-6467] - Update access keys so S3 download works
[SCIENCEBASE-6487] - create Item Link (association) fails on save
[SCIENCEBASE-6490] - Error: Page Not Found for /catalog/folder/null when attempting to access a newly created folder
[SCIENCEBASE-6492] - directory search fails with MissingMethodException (BoolQueryBuilder.must())
[SCIENCEBASE-6494] - problem with reindex last N hours - index for Item.lastUpdated is missing mongodb
[SCIENCEBASE-6496] - fix item_extent reindex
[SCIENCEBASE-6499] - Should / Or elasticsearch 2 set minimum
[SCIENCEBASE-6500] - Beta - Large file uploader not attaching files after upload
[SCIENCEBASE-6508] - Restoring a deleted item not working

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6297] - Catalog Metrics: Report on New Users/ClientIDs
[SCIENCEBASE-6366] - RESTful JSON UserRole (Role membership) Services (part of replacing myUSGS-home)
[SCIENCEBASE-6371] - RESTful JSON Realm Services (part of replacing myUSGS-home)

[SCIENCEBASE-6324] - Item Undelete Page Intermittently Doesn't Work
[SCIENCEBASE-6340] - Upgrade Elastic Search Catalog from 1.x to 2.x
[SCIENCEBASE-6349] - Identify how queries return results on Relationships

[SCIENCEBASE-6250] - Revert searchService debug logging/appender
[SCIENCEBASE-6277] - Config setting for disabling jobs should be in the external config
[SCIENCEBASE-6421] - Follow Up: Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI) GIS Service Assistance
[SCIENCEBASE-6435] - Do not show AD paths in Contact Info for Public View of SB Directory
[SCIENCEBASE-6493] - Error: When moving an item, item still displays as child of original parent

[SCIENCEBASE-6446] - Upgrade Elasticsearch for Vocab from 1.x to 2.x
[SCIENCEBASE-6459] - ApacheLogDataCollector: Memory Footprint Reduction (Maxmind GeoIP2)
[SCIENCEBASE-6461] - Limit S3 upload to Data Admins
[SCIENCEBASE-6466] - AWS Access Keys Need Updating For Catalog S3 File Uploader
[SCIENCEBASE-6482] - Catalog Metrics: Separate Caches For Drill-Down Metrics
[SCIENCEBASE-6485] - Catalog Metrics: Location Drill-Down Metrics Index











ScienceBase Version 1.126.1 Release 2017-03-23

[SCIENCEBASE-6214] - Users unable to access secured map services
[SCIENCEBASE-6355] - User in Canada Unable to Access SB Item/Data
[SCIENCEBASE-6377] - PROD - Fix error message when user tries to save item without a title
[SCIENCEBASE-6381] - Catalog Metrics: Main Metrics Call in Controller Needs IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY
[SCIENCEBASE-6384] - Upload-app goes to an invalid /catalog/item link
[SCIENCEBASE-6399] - Manage Permissions on items not auto populating user or role fields
[SCIENCEBASE-6405] - Can't create child items from multiple xmls
[SCIENCEBASE-6408] - Large File Uploader Not Working / S3 Downloads Failing
[SCIENCEBASE-6409] - Error in OAI-PMH for original ISO metadata
[SCIENCEBASE-6410] - Metrics Heatmap - Fix Mixed Content Errors
[SCIENCEBASE-6415] - 'Report a Problem' link in footer not redirecting to issue collector
[SCIENCEBASE-6436] - Investigate Issue with Failed Raster File Attachment
[SCIENCEBASE-6439] - OAI-PMH metadataPrefix=sciencebase URL is not returning any results
[SCIENCEBASE-6440] - Query for relationships with additional fields and filters returns 0 results

[SCIENCEBASE-6447] - DOI Tool is returning Bad Gateway (502)

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6306] - Add the ability to handle native S3 files
[SCIENCEBASE-6360] - RESTful JSON Role Services (part of replacing myUSGS-home)
[SCIENCEBASE-6365] - RESTful JSON Community Services (part of replacing myUSGS-home)

[SCIENCEBASE-6251] - Catalog Metrics: Split User Agent class into Factory and Move User Agent RegEx To DB
[SCIENCEBASE-6310] - Catalog Metrics: Preprocess Key User Metrics Into A Metrics By Day Table
[SCIENCEBASE-6311] - Catalog Metrics: Generate Cron Script For Setting Up Metrics Cache
[SCIENCEBASE-6312] - Catalog Metrics: Agent Distribution Pie Chart Rework
[SCIENCEBASE-6315] - Catalog Metrics: Login Session Timeout Handling
[SCIENCEBASE-6346] - Search Improvement Documentation
[SCIENCEBASE-6347] - Review Relationships
[SCIENCEBASE-6357] - Implement Item Metric String Pattern API in Boosting Routine
[SCIENCEBASE-6358] - Clean up for public use
[SCIENCEBASE-6389] - Update S3-Service
[SCIENCEBASE-6391] - Java Client Library - Research what technology to use
[SCIENCEBASE-6392] - Create a Public Repository in SB for the Java Client Library
[SCIENCEBASE-6394] - Research Current State of HTTP Clients

[SCIENCEBASE-6122] - Mark STARTED Spring Batch jobs to ABANDONED when the application is restarted
[SCIENCEBASE-6320] - Make publisher field use a vocabulary and convert to a drop-down selection on DOI Creation tool
[SCIENCEBASE-6322] - Add Subject and Abstract Description fields to the Manage DOI tool for EZID
[SCIENCEBASE-6329] - Remove MODS harvester jobs from ScienceBase Catalog
[SCIENCEBASE-6336] - Review Libraryphoto application for SSL compliance
[SCIENCEBASE-6362] - SDC / ISO Follow up (OAI-PMH Harvest)
[SCIENCEBASE-6363] - Create a separate 'Data Owner' Identification, Specific to SDC Harvest Set
[SCIENCEBASE-6383] - NCCWSC Script to Inherit tags from project record
[SCIENCEBASE-6390] - OAIPMH Endpoint not Capturing 'Mission Area'
[SCIENCEBASE-6414] - catalog build fails: directoryReadAllServiceRequestInterceptor errors
[SCIENCEBASE-6426] - Large File Download Issue
[SCIENCEBASE-6427] - Add Search Results Breakdown to the Search Improvements Documentation
[SCIENCEBASE-6429] - Water Mission Area is a Vocab 
[SCIENCEBASE-6431] - Intermittent ArcGIS Service Failure for User
[SCIENCEBASE-6438] - Worked on Catalog Release Deployment Process
[SCIENCEBASE-6444] - Copy vocab lists used by DOI creation tool publisher field from beta to prod

[SCIENCEBASE-6351] - Catalog Metrics: Expand Heatmap to include rest of globe
[SCIENCEBASE-6372] - Catalog Metrics: Detection for ITSOT requests

[SCIENCEBASE-6168] - Updates to ScienceBase DOI API after DOI Team Finishes Work
[SCIENCEBASE-6288] - Review / Improve our Current WAF Harvesting Scheduling
[SCIENCEBASE-6291] - Develop a java ScienceBase Client Library
[SCIENCEBASE-6298] - Integrate ScienceBase Directory and ScienceBase Item Contacts with AD OrcID Updates
[SCIENCEBASE-6350] - Establish the ideal way to identify a Project --> Product Relationship
[SCIENCEBASE-6382] - Catalog Metrics: Move Item Metrics Date Picker and Submit To Top of Page
[SCIENCEBASE-6396] - Catalog Metrics: Title Only For Top Items
[SCIENCEBASE-6401] - Historical Topographical Maps WAF: Cleanup
[SCIENCEBASE-6411] - Catalog Metrics: Update GeoIP Locate Code and Database to Maxmind GeoIP2
[SCIENCEBASE-6452] - Remove Resource Metrics From Item Metrics