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[SCIENCEBASE-6425] - Add validation method for large file uploader to prevent attaching 100 or more files
[SCIENCEBASE-6441] - Community name containing special characters causes bad request for upload-app
[SCIENCEBASE-6467] - Update access keys so S3 download works
[SCIENCEBASE-6487] - create Item Link (association) fails on save
[SCIENCEBASE-6490] - Error: Page Not Found for /catalog/folder/null when attempting to access a newly created folder
[SCIENCEBASE-6492] - directory search fails with MissingMethodException (BoolQueryBuilder.must())
[SCIENCEBASE-6494] - problem with reindex last N hours - index for Item.lastUpdated is missing mongodb
[SCIENCEBASE-6496] - fix item_extent reindex
[SCIENCEBASE-6499] - Should / Or elasticsearch 2 set minimum
[SCIENCEBASE-6500] - Beta - Large file uploader not attaching files after upload
[SCIENCEBASE-6508] - Restoring a deleted item not working

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6297] - Catalog Metrics: Report on New Users/ClientIDs
[SCIENCEBASE-6366] - RESTful JSON UserRole (Role membership) Services (part of replacing myUSGS-home)
[SCIENCEBASE-6371] - RESTful JSON Realm Services (part of replacing myUSGS-home)

[SCIENCEBASE-6324] - Item Undelete Page Intermittently Doesn't Work
[SCIENCEBASE-6340] - Upgrade Elastic Search Catalog from 1.x to 2.x
[SCIENCEBASE-6349] - Identify how queries return results on Relationships

[SCIENCEBASE-6250] - Revert searchService debug logging/appender
[SCIENCEBASE-6277] - Config setting for disabling jobs should be in the external config
[SCIENCEBASE-6421] - Follow Up: Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI) GIS Service Assistance
[SCIENCEBASE-6435] - Do not show AD paths in Contact Info for Public View of SB Directory
[SCIENCEBASE-6493] - Error: When moving an item, item still displays as child of original parent

[SCIENCEBASE-6446] - Upgrade Elasticsearch for Vocab from 1.x to 2.x
[SCIENCEBASE-6459] - ApacheLogDataCollector: Memory Footprint Reduction (Maxmind GeoIP2)
[SCIENCEBASE-6461] - Limit S3 upload to Data Admins
[SCIENCEBASE-6466] - AWS Access Keys Need Updating For Catalog S3 File Uploader
[SCIENCEBASE-6482] - Catalog Metrics: Separate Caches For Drill-Down Metrics
[SCIENCEBASE-6485] - Catalog Metrics: Location Drill-Down Metrics Index