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[SCIENCEBASE-6295] - Non Performant query for National Map Thesaurus
[SCIENCEBASE-6535] - Create shortcut to My Items loading popup to select folder when it should just create the shortcut
[SCIENCEBASE-6545] - WAF Harvest Failure Investigation
[SCIENCEBASE-6563] - FileRemovalService failed with stackoverflow
[SCIENCEBASE-6602] - DOI Contact bug
[SCIENCEBASE-6640] - Out of memory when collecting item identifier query results

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6367] - management UI for Community (part of replacing myUSGS-home)
[SCIENCEBASE-6376] - NDC - Limit affiliation pick list to Geological Surveys, and create an admin function to remove a user's affiliation.
[SCIENCEBASE-6428] - Jobs and Background Services - password reminders, user LDAP updates, etc
[SCIENCEBASE-6538] - Functional test suite for Catalog Edit form

[SCIENCEBASE-6557] - As a Community Manager, I can edit Title (long name) and Description
[SCIENCEBASE-6562] - As a Admin, I can create a new Community with Name, Title, and description
[SCIENCEBASE-6577] - Add User page for logged in User that is non-privileged
[SCIENCEBASE-6578] - As an Admin, I can edit a Community's Short Name, Title, Description, Managed By Group

[SCIENCEBASE-6253] - Eliminate ScienceBase's need for myUSGS-home
[SCIENCEBASE-6400] - NDC Updates 
[SCIENCEBASE-6448] - DOI API Changes (Update SB Code)
[SCIENCEBASE-6465] - DOI Tool Updates (Minor updates on SB Behavior/Display)
[SCIENCEBASE-6514] - SB Files / Decoupling: Revisit File Scraping, Typing, Processing - Continue Effort
[SCIENCEBASE-6530] - Monitoring: Instrument vocab
[SCIENCEBASE-6531] - Monitoring: Configure TLS security on tomcats
[SCIENCEBASE-6532] - Architect the direction of files in ScienceBase
[SCIENCEBASE-6533] - Architect the direction of ScienceBase Search
[SCIENCEBASE-6542] - Monitoring: Basic monitoring of grails apps
[SCIENCEBASE-6576] - As an Admin, I can delete a Community
[SCIENCEBASE-6580] - Architect the direction of files in ScienceBase
[SCIENCEBASE-6593] - Add Community Search on manage Users Page
[SCIENCEBASE-6594] - Add Landing Page
[SCIENCEBASE-6595] - Add routing
[SCIENCEBASE-6596] - NDC: Indicate which fields are required
[SCIENCEBASE-6600] - NDC: Use SB Identifier vocab for NGGDPP Collection ID and Other Identifier
[SCIENCEBASE-6601] - Running out of temp disk space
[SCIENCEBASE-6609] - Get SB Development Environment Setup
[SCIENCEBASE-6610] - Get SB Development Environment Setup
[SCIENCEBASE-6620] - Preparation for Docker Brown Bag
[SCIENCEBASE-6622] - Introduction to Elastic Search
[SCIENCEBASE-6630] - Update config deployment jobs with updated paths
[SCIENCEBASE-6639] - Get SB Development Environment Setup
[SCIENCEBASE-6646] - Familiarize with selenium using python

[SCIENCEBASE-6413] - UI/UX: Improve Text/Layout for Managing Permissions and Roles