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[SCIENCEBASE-6589] - Report a Problem link does not work when you click on it from I want to... box
[SCIENCEBASE-6746] - missing map previews in logs
[SCIENCEBASE-6754] - S3 file downloads throwing AmazonServiceException
[SCIENCEBASE-6808] - Bad Request error when trying to access Footprint from BASIS+

[SCIENCEBASE-6637] - TNM - Non Performant Query 1 (National Elevation Dataset (NED) 1/3 arc-second vs. US Topo Current.)
[SCIENCEBASE-6638] - TNM - Non Performant Query 2 (Incorrect 'no results' for multi extent selection query)
[SCIENCEBASE-6656] - SB3 Search - ETL script/process to load SB2 data into SB3 prototype

[SCIENCEBASE-6523] - Monitoring: host level metrics
[SCIENCEBASE-6527] - Monitoring: Instrument elasticsearch nodes
[SCIENCEBASE-6597] - Address EZID API changes for Manage DOI>EZID
[SCIENCEBASE-6776] - WRET: Tech talk on Hierarchical Tags
[SCIENCEBASE-6777] - WRET: Hierarchical tags: Review documentation and evaluate proposed solutions
[SCIENCEBASE-6780] - Move Update Metadata option under Admin Actions
[SCIENCEBASE-6806] - WRET: Tech Talk 3 on Hierarchical Tags

[SCIENCEBASE-6729] - Manage DOI: DOI status should default to reserved
[SCIENCEBASE-6732] - Use BASIS+ API Harvested Objects in grails-sciencebase-translators To Update and Create SB Items
[SCIENCEBASE-6745] - Typo in ScienceBase Upload app page title
[SCIENCEBASE-6750] - Add Translators Project to SonarQube
[SCIENCEBASE-6751] - Address Issues Found by SonarQube
[SCIENCEBASE-6765] - Assign html ids to some input fields on advanced search form