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[SCIENCEBASE-6741] - UI cleanup as a result of eliminating old layouts (Part 2)
[SCIENCEBASE-6748] - NPE with Item Gets
[SCIENCEBASE-6763] - NCCWSC Data Script, Product of script, and Parent Tag script not working
[SCIENCEBASE-6823] - Error: Save Fail!

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6822] - Create new BASIS+ harvester as a service

[SCIENCEBASE-6655] - SB3 Search - Review catalog v2 search and document tech specs
[SCIENCEBASE-6657] - SB3 Search - Prototype global search app which uses a multi-index, multi-type search prototype (elastic datastore)
[SCIENCEBASE-6669] - Changes to the "Update Metadata" Button on ScienceBase Item Page

[SCIENCEBASE-6650] - Functional Test for Footprinter
[SCIENCEBASE-6668] - Determine log level for ImageResize exceptions
[SCIENCEBASE-6713] - Check for and Remove Orphaned ArcGIS Services / GIS Service CleanUp
[SCIENCEBASE-6735] - Run File Removal Process after the move to NetApp
[SCIENCEBASE-6778] - myUSGS Resources: Use directory API for resources
[SCIENCEBASE-6779] - myUSGS home: Add flags so users do not receive multiple emails from myUSGS and ScienceBase
[SCIENCEBASE-6804] - WRET: link tag types for level 1 and level 2 to vocabs/schemes
[SCIENCEBASE-6812] - myUSGS resources: Update resources to use log4j
[SCIENCEBASE-6816] - Research Catalog and familiarize with codebase
[SCIENCEBASE-6819] - Update sciencebase.upload.filestore.path in Config.groovy
[SCIENCEBASE-6824] - Development Environment Discussion
[SCIENCEBASE-6828] - Externalize resources config, add to jenkins

[SCIENCEBASE-6641] - Manage DOI: Fix autofill on contact
[SCIENCEBASE-6712] - Limit properties populating the _all field in the index