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[SCIENCEBASE-6688] - MyUSGS: Directory API does not return an error on bad Sponsor for non-doi user
[SCIENCEBASE-6752] - MyUSGS: Multiuser, Multirole search
[SCIENCEBASE-6756] - myUSGS: As a User, when I edit my properties and select Update an error occurs
[SCIENCEBASE-6769] - myUSGS: As Admin, receive Group Creation Failed message when creating new group
[SCIENCEBASE-6782] - myUSGS: As an Admin, Improve error messaging when I import a DOI user that already exists
[SCIENCEBASE-6783] - myUSGS: As an Admin, I am unable to import a (DOI) user
[SCIENCEBASE-6786] - myUSGS: As an admin, I can reset Non-DOI user passwords
[SCIENCEBASE-6789] - myUSGS: As an Admin, when I delete a group, the screen does not refresh to display changes
[SCIENCEBASE-6791] - myUSGS: As an admin, I am unable to create a new group
[SCIENCEBASE-6821] - myUSGS: Admin is unable to delete user accounts

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6788] - myUSGS: As an admin, I can edit groups
[SCIENCEBASE-6817] - myUSGS: Add refresh on Directory UI for each view
[SCIENCEBASE-6829] - myUSGS: Improve error messaging in directory UI

[SCIENCEBASE-6682] - Investigate best practices for successful Test Driven Development
[SCIENCEBASE-6755] - myUSGS: As a User, I can edit my User Properties from my Account section
[SCIENCEBASE-6757] - myUSGS: As a User, they should not be able to delete their account.
[SCIENCEBASE-6758] - myUSGS: As a DOI user, they should not see the Reset password button
[SCIENCEBASE-6761] - myUSGS: As a community manager, they should only be able to edit CommunityTitle and description
[SCIENCEBASE-6797] - myUSGS: As an Admin, I need to be able to update users from Active Directory

[SCIENCEBASE-6770] - MyUSGS: A Community Manager should not have ability to create a new group
[SCIENCEBASE-6771] - myUSGS: Implement Security for Community Managers
[SCIENCEBASE-6773] - myUSGS: on Groups tab need a hover of check and plus sign
[SCIENCEBASE-6800] - myUSGS: Move New Community button from Group tab to Communities tab