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[SCIENCEBASE-6784] - myUSGS: As an Admin, I am unable to create a service account
[SCIENCEBASE-6860] - myUSGS: non-doi user unable to change password that was reset by Admin
[SCIENCEBASE-6898] - myUSGS: Unacceptable password error message when creating a non-doi user
[SCIENCEBASE-6906] - GET User JSON fails with beforeUpdate in Person for some users
[SCIENCEBASE-6907] - user-communities query fails for some users (which aren't managers)

[SCIENCEBASE-6813] - myUSGS: URI for links to "My Account" to replace
[SCIENCEBASE-6814] - myUSGS: Update SB commons header
[SCIENCEBASE-6882] - prevent reuse of passwords
[SCIENCEBASE-6925] - Clean out subscription groups in DEV, BETA, and PROD

[SCIENCEBASE-6867] - myUSGS: On overview page change reset password button to Change Password
[SCIENCEBASE-6924] - myUSGS:Allow email to be edited for service accounts