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[SCIENCEBASE-6855] - Titles on Child items don't wrap on the Parent Show Page

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6734] - SonarQube - Functional testing (selenium)
[SCIENCEBASE-6738] - TECH TALK: Discuss and Implement a way to Hide IP Numbers on a Public Data Release Page
[SCIENCEBASE-6876] - myUSGS: User editable fields for User account

[SCIENCEBASE-6643] - Determine root cause of out of memory errors when processing WAF (identifier query)
[SCIENCEBASE-6653] - Page through a Mongo DBCursor to clean up WAF processed duplicate items by identifier
[SCIENCEBASE-6714] - Add catalog-metrics repo metrics POST request to FileInventoryJob
[SCIENCEBASE-6742] - Review SB Files Model
[SCIENCEBASE-6833] - Re-write Selenium tests to use page-object model
[SCIENCEBASE-6879] - Clean up sciencebase.import (PG database)
[SCIENCEBASE-6880] - Refactor JOSSO myUSGS helper plugin to eliminate (externalize) default credentials
[SCIENCEBASE-6886] - IPDS Implementation Step 1: Remove IPDS numbers from the item show page
[SCIENCEBASE-6897] - Update Metadata - incorrect order in Citation Section
[SCIENCEBASE-6905] - update elastic configuration on beta and prod for memlock
[SCIENCEBASE-6910] - Remove fallback code since the path will no longer exist
[SCIENCEBASE-6916] - Missing Items in Catalog/Vocab queries broken

IT Infrastructure Change
[SCIENCEBASE-6884] - Fix BASIS Harvest Prometheus Metrics and Unit Test
[SCIENCEBASE-6894] - Basis+ Relay Deployment