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[SCIENCEBASE-6908] - Extent Simplification issue during re-index of remaining footprint Items
[SCIENCEBASE-6927] - Investigate issue with extents causing problems with Elastic

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6772] - Add Google Analytics Back to ScienceBase App
[SCIENCEBASE-6775] - WRET Vocab Support: Align Item Show / Item Edit Labels with Underlying JSON for Vocabulary Terminology
[SCIENCEBASE-6887] - IPDS Implementation Step 2: Develop external table to store IPDS Values
[SCIENCEBASE-6889] - IPDS Implementation Step 4: Develop a way for users edit the external table that contains the IPDS numbers

[SCIENCEBASE-6644] - UI/UX: "Add Item" and "Add File" Updates for User Clarity
[SCIENCEBASE-6932] - Document Issues/Resolutions over last ~6 Months re: TNM use of ScienceBase

[SCIENCEBASE-6528] - Monitoring: Instrument mongo
[SCIENCEBASE-6651] - Functional test for Catalog Uploads
[SCIENCEBASE-6870] - Investigate preventative measures for recent incident
[SCIENCEBASE-6919] - Making an Item Public is Restricted to USGS and Specified Publishers
[SCIENCEBASE-6930] - Placeholder for UI/UX "Add Item" demo
[SCIENCEBASE-6938] - UI/UX: Follow-up to Add Item and Attach Files
[SCIENCEBASE-6939] - Unit test for making items public
[SCIENCEBASE-6940] - Deploy 2.139.0